Monday, April 13, 2009

The scent of a woman

What profound power lies within a scent!
Scents have a magic within that can transport us as in a time machine to a particular place or memory. It's power of association is hard to ignore. My grandmother smelled of roses and I am unconsciously immediately drawn to someone who wears her perfume. The smell of eucalyptus reminds me of summers at the beach in Chile. The scent of peach air fresheners makes me nauseous due to a horrible year in a job while in college.....
A couple of years ago, I read the book Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins. I loved the book, and it mentioned something I have always liked to do: wear the same type of scent, a sort of "signature scent" all your own. And wear it daily. I wear a scent even if I simply stay home in my Pj's. It is more important to me than make up and jewelry. About three years ago I stopped purchasing over the counter perfumes full of synthetics, and began to purchase essential oils which I mix myself. Thus using scent now is part of my daily body moisturizing routine. I simply add a few drops of Sandalwood or Jasmine oil to Jojoba oil and moisturize my skin with the perfumed oil. Sometimes I mix with Patchouli, Lavender, ylang ylang or even cloves (for allergies). I don't know where I first learned to do this...but only this morning I found information that states that in Pompeii ancient perfumes were exactly that: oils with scent.
I must be doing something right, because last week, while standing in front of a bunch of plastic roses a little boy was saying to me "I know these are real because I smell them!" when I told them they were not and it was me he was smelling---he adamantly said "no...this smells like REAL flowers!" .... I like the thought that I smell like a flower~not an artificial perfume!
The best thing is that these oils not only smell fabulous ...they are actually therapeutic and good for you! For centuries, essential oils have been utilized for their healing properties, for example, Lavender for peaceful sleep. When I recently developed eczema on my eyelid, I applied Myrrh oil (diluted in jojoba oil) for a few days, and it was gone! At night, I use sandalwood oil diluted with emu oil on my face and hands for dryness.
I encourage you to try them for yourself, your children, your beloved....
There is a certain kind of beauty in things fresh from the arms of mother earth.
note: (When you buy essential oils, make sure they are stored in a dark glass bottle. I keep a little clay jar in my room where I mix my "potions" daily. It only takes a minute, and that way it is fresh everyday).

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