Monday, May 25, 2009

Fatima, the evil eye-and living in gratitude!

Fatima was the daughter of the prophet Mohammed.
For Islam, she is as the Virgin Mary is for Catholicism.

She is highly regarded and is the one to turn to in times of need.

She is the moon Goddess and bears on her hand the "hasma": the "Hand of Fatima"~which can be represented by actual paint on the hand, or by a talisman hand with an eye on it (such as a necklace)-a raised hand with a large, staring eye in the center of its palm.

It is also popular amongst Sephardic Jews where it is represented as the 'Hand of Miriam'.

The hand of Fatima represents the hand of God, divine power, providence and generosity.

The hand of Fatima is believed to ward off the evil eye, jealousy and envious resentment.

From Fatima we can learn that envy and jealousy are a negative influence to ourselves. Detrimental to our growth and "BEing"

When we focus on/covet the things that we don't have and envy those who have those things, we overlook our own gifts and blessings.

When you are envious of someone recognize you are uniquely and wonderfully made and be grateful!
The saying "count your blessings" is really a wonderful practice to follow: the more grateful we are for the things we have the more we will find to be thankful for.

Gratitude gives us power!
Envy strips of power as we focus on the other and the negative: choose GRATITUDE!


Anonymous said...

Nicely rendered.

lolo said...

Beautiful post, Claudia! :-) Love the paint!

Lolo :-)

Kathy Crabbe said...

A timely post! Thanks for the reminder, jealousy and envy never lead to anywhere productive!


Howling Caterpillars said...

Very nice, Claudia.

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Thank you for your comments!
I am so greatFULL for my blog reader community :)