Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lesbian wedding painting

I am so disappointed at California's decision this week regarding gay marriage.

Lesbian wedding by
Claudia Olivos
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Ever since I was younger-and even while I spent sometime actively involved in a Pentecostal Christian church- I disagreed with the stand taken against homosexuals.

The question has always seemed as easy as the answer:
How can anyone say to someone else "you can not love" because of....(sex, race, religion)?

Who am I (or you?) to state that LOVE is wrong?

Why the thought that homosexuals cannot love in the same way as heterosexuals?
What is the fear behind giving homosexuals the right to have their relationships be accepted as loving and life affirming?

Having been in the church, I know that there is a shared belief that only heterosexual romantic love comes from God. The belief is that same-sex love experiences are not equal to heterosexual love, thus they oppose marriage.
The possibility of gay marriage seems to suggest-to some people- that this will make gay relationships more 'wholesome' and accepted; but why should gays not have the right to be accepted into a society that they are already a part of?

Another argument I have often heard is that a gay union does not produce children-'the main reason for marriage'.

What would they say to our union? Sergio and I, after three years of trying to conceive, have opted NOT to go the fertility specialist route. Our union has not produced children. Does that invalidate our love, our marriage?

Marriage is not just a romantic need for couples-nor is it a privilege, it is a right to be given to two people who decide to enter a committed relationship. It has implications for the couple in society, in medical and financial situations, and more. Strengthening a love relationship in our communities can bring only good to our community!

Only years ago the same thing was being done to bi-racial marriages, before that to women, African Americans, Native Americans and on and on. Recognizing the humanity of these minorities has never produced anything negative: only positive!

When we strengthen the individual we strengthen our families, our communities-our world!


debsparkles said...

Very well said, many of us agree and just don't know how to put it into words as well as you have just done.

CrypticFragments said...

love is love...gender should not be a many ancient cultures homosexuality was common & accepted;our "modern" homophobic views developed btwn Puritan & Victorian times...

who are we to judge? if it is wrong, whatever God there is will take care of that when the people in question face their maker

phebek108 said...

Thank you for your heartfelt words about same-sex marriage. As a lesbian, I appreciate your support!

PhebeK on Twitter

Carolyn G said...

great post. I am not religious so God doesn't come into the equation for me. What comes in is the fact that equal rights means equal rights for everyone. If straight people can get married so should gays be able to do so. Religion should not be considered. What fair is fair for EVERYONE just not some people. It's disgraceful that gays are not allowed to marry.

Cagney Studio 8 said...

Well said. I have always believed that Love is so precious that when it comes you should embrace it, no matter what its form. The ideal for me is to love one another and create peace. In my mind there is such a shortage of love on this earth that we are forced to endure hatred, war, and conflict rather than love, peace and beauty that is in all people.

Charms Of Light said...

You have put it into words so well,that there is not much more to add.

I believe that marriage is a committment between two people who love each other and want to share their lives.

Real love is just that - Real Love. You can't plan it, it just happens from somewhere down deep inside and no-one should be able to judge that.

lolo said...

Claudita! Bien dicho! Well said! Love is just Love. It doesn't matter if you are gay or not. You have the same rights to Love!

Lolo :-)

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Thanks everyone so very much for your encouraging comments!
It's so difficult to write candidly about subjects that are controversial and so very emotional for us!
I am happy to know that what I wrote struck a note with so many of you!
Thanks for taking the time ti comment-- I believe we can all spread truth and love via community...and the web is a wonderful tool for that purpose!

Meredithbead said...

In a world full of killing and hatred, I could never understand why people got upset about individuals who choose to love.

Love is what propels us into light. It's time overdue for our legislatures and religions to step out of the dark.

Howling Caterpillars said...

Amen, Claudia!

Sheree Rensel said...

I am with you. I just don't understand why ANYONE would deny another person happiness and the right to love (and marry) the person of their choice. Just the thought of forcing my beliefs on another boggles my mind. Live and let live is my motto!
Sadly, this is one of the reasons I am not Catholic anymore. Religion is partly to blame for this kind of restrictive thinking. If that is the case, I want nothing to do with it. God loves us all. I wonder why we can't all do the same?