Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vacation planning time!

Vacation time again!

A great opportunity for you! affordable luxury in our timeshare:
Our time share is in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, on the beach with an infinity pool- dreamy! A plus is that we also have the ability to exchange for another luxury resort anywhere in the world!
We bought our timeshare in 2005 as a wedding gift to ourselves. It is one way that these two artists can at least once a year enjoy total luxury! :)
And we can save money as most of the resorts have full kitchens(besides, cooking is one of our hobbies--we love going to local supermarkets to shop and cook with interesting local ingredients).

Unfortunately, we can only get away once a we rent out our additional week to these fantastic units at way below market value to help pay our anual maintenance fees.

Why a Timeshare and not a regular hotel? Because a timeshare really is like a home away from home with first rate accommodations!
They each have either a limited or a full kitchen!

We belong to a fabulous multi-destination network with 4-5 star resorts available!
There are available rooms all year and to several world destinations like: Guatemala,Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean- you can book now for Thanksgiving, winter Holidays or even Spring Break 2010!

For less than the cost of a 'regular hotel' you can have access to a superb range of high quality accommodation in some of the most attractive holiday destinations in the world.... whether it's a week at a Florida beach or in Europe; an incredible number of destinations are available to you through our affiliation with Interval International, the world's leading four and five star exchange system.

We rent a whole 7 day week for only $700.-

Let us know if you are interested!


Sara Bukoski said...

Wow, I need to convince my dad to rent your place in Puerto Vallarta...he is talking about getting a beach house for two weeks this summmer, in Virginia Beach or New Jersey. Boooooring.

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...


Yes, the place in Puerto Vallarta has the most awesome infinity pool right into the Ocean...ahhh...need to go back soon!

Holiday Accommodation UK said...

Wow Puerto Vallarta!! I has always wished to go there. Sadly out of reach for me.

Lose Weight said...

I had a chance to go there and it felt like heaven.