Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cicadas and hope!

Working in the studio in the cold months means we freeze while the woodstove quicks warm weather- we take dips in the pool to cool off.

Yesterday, as I went into the pool, I found a Cicada floating on it's side on the water. I took it with me back into the studio thinking Sergio could use it on one of the pieces we are doing for the Zip code show. After all, Cicadas are symbolic of our zip code area..just as Scorpions are of Sergio's former home in Mexico.

I placed the Cicada in a little clay jar, and continued my painting.

Hours later, as I lifted it out of the jar for Sergio to place it on the canvas with beeswax, I noticed....... it's legs were moving!
Slowly, the Cicada came back to life in my hand.

I tried to let it fly out of the studio, and yet it flew right back unto my shirt.

The Cicada stayed on my shirt all night as I painted, and until 2am when we went to bed. It reminded me of the insects that the Aztecs wore as jewlery: the Mexican Maquech, a wingless beetle from the Yucatan.
In Ancient Mexico, the Maquech were worn by "high society" as jewelry. Their legs, much like the legs of my Cicada friend, easily adhere to clothing. In ancient Mexico, the Maquech would be painted, decorated with small crystals-and a gold leash to avoid loosing it.
See my Cicada friend on my (left) shoulder as I paint?

Legend has it that when a beautiful Mayan princess was not allowed to marry the prince from a rival tribe, she wished to die rather than live without her love, and she wept night and day over her forbidden love. A Shaman, hearing her cries and learning of her misery, transformed her into a glittering beetle, a piece of living jewelry for the prince to always wear on his chest, right next to his heart.

It is said that if you give your Maquech the name of the one you desire while wearing it close to your heart, you will bring your loved one close to you.

Whomever/whatever you desire (hope for) ponder on this:

Things which you do not hope happen more frequently than things which you do hope. 
 ~Titus Maccius Plautus


cypress sun said...

I love the cicada story. I recently had this happen with a dragonfly!

Your cicada obviously recognizes beautiful art!

Anonymous said...

If she flies to me........I would have screamed bloody murder, kicked and yelled like crazy until she was gone!! I would have probably kill it in that trance! You are a brave woman!