Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Donating ART for HAITI!

Today, a woman was miraculously lifted out of the rubble in Haiti...one week after the devastating earthquake: a miracle. I was at the college where I teach part time, and had stopped by the faculty lounge for some water when I saw the images...I was in tears-such a triumphant moment in such a sad place.
I feel so helpless. I think of the people suffering there as I eat a good meal, sleep in my soft bed...hug my loved ones.

The first thing I thought when I saw the aftermath was "I want to go and help". But I know I am not trained to help in such a situation...I would only be in the way of those who are trained..what haiti needs, is money and prayers.
When the floods happened in Mexico two years ago, we raised money via our sales of our artwork..yet we had a direct contact so we knew the money would be go to the needy, this time we again wanted to give our art to raise money...but how to get the money to the appropriate place....?
Then we heard of 140Hours.com an online fundraiser who uses Twitter to enable auctions where original artworks are sold online and 100% of sales go to the rescue agencies on the ground in Haiti including the agencies “Doctors Without Borders” and “International Medical Corps”.
These are the two pieces we are donating to raise money for HAITI.

The auction runs for 48 hours beginning 1/29/10.
Please join me in helping out this worthy cause by bidding on our artwork or making a donation of your own!


Julie said...

I'm linking to this on my blog. Your work and your caring heart are both uplifting.

Jennifer said...

I really like your work! You seem to put a lot of love in to it. :)

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Thank you ladies!

mickstonedesigns said...

How wonderful and generous. Your work is stunning and I am sure it will raise a lot of money for the Haitian relief effort.