Tuesday, August 31, 2010

..blessing our art via nature!

Yesterday I posted about how I looked forward to the peace and stillness that comes with Autumn...and guess what? Today I was visited by a Praying Mantis...she even climbed onto my finger and before I knew it, she was on my head!

Praying Mantis-are such elegant peaceful insects-it is simply relaxing to look at them as they move gently, as though doing some form of "insect Tai Chi"!.

The Praying Mantis had climbed on our artwork that I had taken outside to photograph and now share with you. But this visit changes the focus of today's post as a Praying Mantis has so much symbolism it brings along.

First of all, it is of course a blessing...and I have this fantastic photo of her praying over our work!

It is also believed that a Praying Mantis will appear in our lives when we need peace and calm in our lives-when we have filled our everyday with so activity that we inadvertently silence the voice within us because of the external racket we've created.

The Praying Mantis moves with such grace, I put my finger out and before I knew it she had softly crawled up my arm..then my neck and face until she reached my head. There she sat until I gently placed her back on the canvas where I had found her.

I loved and appreciated the moment!

Here are some more earring and key/necklace racks made by Sergio using my mini canvases:

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42 things said...

that's so neat... what a lovely lady mantis!