Saturday, September 4, 2010

..working in the studio: end of summer 2010

This is my corner of the studio right now-my messy palette and brushes. I have (thanks to a dear artist in Washington DC) switched to working with mineral spirits instead of turpentine. She unfortunately-due to her long exposure to turpentine and other toxic art materials-is now oxygen dependant.
She is a fantastic artist and human being, it is painful to know she is suffering as she is.... I will at the very least-and thanks to her, make the switch. Yesterday was my first day using mineral spirits instead of the turpentine.

Before switching, I did much research about the dangers of can seep through your skin, unlike mineral spirits and other mediums. I have -fot the last 20 years-not only rubbed my hands all over turpenoid as I paint... I have also on more than one occasion had a sip of my turps instead of my tea/wine/water.... and once suffered chemical burns on my cornea from turpentine that splashed in my eyes.


No wonder my chiropractor told me my body seemed toxic although I eat a very clean diet! Alas, I have hope that it is never too late .... and my green juices will help as I slowly detox these chemicals from my system!

On a different note, here are some of the new key/necklace and earring holders that Sergio is working on:
And here are two of my latest pieces, both of which are unfinished (I will hopefully post an image of them, finished-on Tuesday!)

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Suzanne Lago Arthur said...

Claudia-Have you tried Gamblin's Gamsol OMS? It is the safest one on the market. Gamblin prides itself in making their products as safe as can be. In addition to using Gamsol, I paint with latex gloves and I run my hepa & coal filtered air purifier in my studio when I paint. Its the combination of the hepa & coal filters that pick up almost all of the airborne particles left over while painting (OMS is supposed to be clean but I run it anyway as insurance). In addition, keep the OMS covered while you are painting. I am hoping that good studio practices will bless me with a long happy life. :)