Saturday, November 13, 2010

...when time flies

...I have heard it said that when you feel that time has "flown by" do not age for that period of time in your life.

It is about living in joy and living in the moment.

Well last night must not count for us in terms of time passing...for we had so much fun in the studio with our dearest friend Angie... that though we started chatting, painting (& drinking) in the studio at 6:30 pm... nobody noticed the passing of time- until it was 4am!

We left behind this awful mess

Today, with only three hours of sleep..we feel energized and happy!

I was able to finally resolve my Mermaid painting (started over a year ago)-- The painting is about 4 x4 feet and I finished it with oils and encaustics....

Here you can see some of the beaded wax on the tails of the mermaid and her merchildWe had a fantastic time- and only wish we could enjoy our lives making art full time every single day of the year (hear that universe? that is my wish!)


Pia f. Walker said...

I love the flowing feel to this painting...and the bead technique for the tails makes it quite interesting and intriguing. Well worth the lack of sleep!


42 things said...

Oh Awesome! I can almost imagine you both with your friend in the studio with "time flying"

I LOVE the mermaid!

exciting :)