Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mimi's Crafts

Our postman has not been making us very happy.
Three items that we know of have disappeared between the post office to our home.Who knows how many other things may have gone missing...?

One of our missing items was a self portrait I painted of our little family for an exhibit in New York. I loved the piece, and unfortunately as the deadline was upon us, I didn't take the time to document it. I depicted the three of us as the "Holy Family": I was the virgin Mary, Sergio, Joseph and our son Julian was of course, Jesus. Sergio and I held paintbrushes in our hand, and our son a book (he is an aspiring writer). It was a sweet yet humorous look at the three of us.

Where did that painting disappear to? Our home post office shows the package arrived safely to their office, which means it must have been delivered to the wrong address. Is it possible that somewhere in our neighborhood someone has our personal painting in their living room?

Another item that was lost was a great little ID purse I had ordered from Mimi over at etsy.

I had seen ID cards/purses she had listed, but I wanted one with two windows, one for my pass card (for the college where I am adjunct at) the other for my metro card. The two are not to touch one another nor my cell as they can cancel each other out-as I learned the hard way when I lost $20.- on my metro card (!). She added a pocket in the middle for some cash etc.
I was also able to choose the fabric from among a huge selection she has available.

I was SO disappointed when I found out it had gotten lost between our post office and home.
When she wrote to ask me if I had received it, I told her what happened, adding that I knew the loss was not her fault... yet she offered to send me another free of charge and only for the cost of shipping!

How sweet is that!?

It arrived two days ago and I am not only grateful for the kind gesture...but I am delighted by the quality and craftsmanship! It is just what I wanted and worth the wait!

Stop by her shop and check out all her handmade bags, ID cards, cool purses and hobo bags...even eyeglass holders!
Lovely work and lovely person!

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