Monday, February 7, 2011

Art for new parents, babies

Must be Spring! Lately I have been making whimsical pieces of babies and weddings.

Also, three of my cousins are expecting-and I am so very happy for them! And I also recently received the happy news from an old friend that after many years of trying to get pregnant--they are now expecting twins!

Most of these expecting parents are around our age.... however, as they expect little angels to be born... we are ready to celebrate the graduation from high school of our "not so little" angel!

                                       Parenting is exactly as they say:
                        "the hardest job you will ever love!"

Here are some of my paintings (let me know if you are interested in the purchase of one-most are available in my etsy store!)

I can make these custom-with the colors you need (clothes/skin) etc....
These watercolors are for sale!

Please check our

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lolo said...

Que lindos estan Claudita! Se ven super tiernas las pinturas. Besitos!

Lolo :))