Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan... it continues

Today, I was contacted by someone wanting to use my "Elpis-The Goddess of Hope" for their campaign of hope for Japan. Indeed, it is a very fitting image, Elpis herself looks a bit like a red headed Japanese woman, comforting a suffering person....
I am glad they will use the image...yet, on a daily basis- I continue to try to paint more hopeful scenes, but the news bring me back to the horror everyone in Japan is living this moment.

This page from my watercolor pad is a bit telling...the first image: on top- shows the suffering of a people whilst the "rest of the world" continues to party and live a good life. I think it is in part Japan, in part my teen who has been struggling these past few months with his own hardships.Below, a very silly looking couple...I drew and painted this as I spent some time with Sergio, both of us wanting to relax in front of a funny movie.
Yet, quickly, I was brought back to drawing suffering images, and I ended up with what I think is the best (and not yet finished) of the three (at the bottom).

My heart is with Japan, the people, the animals..the beautiful land...

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Zilin said...

Thank you Claudia for using art to help the international community! You are a wonderful role model for me as an artist and thanks for your support!