Tuesday, March 29, 2011

painting in progress.... on the other side of the continent

I am so looking forward to our trip to Chile.
It will be only for a week... but well worth it to hug and spend time with those family members we love and only see once a year!
Unfortunately, because outside of our art, we must teach..it is difficult to fly when we have time off, as this is when fares are the highest (around $1,300.- per ticket!). However, we work all year to accumulate miles with our credit card, and thus will fly the three of us for only $700.- (total) for this trip.
We continue hoping that in a few years time we will be spending a few months out of the year in Chile, painting. This is our goal.
For now, we are happy to go and spend a fantastic time with loved ones.... and I will be painting! Finishing up this painting I started a year ago

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