Tuesday, July 26, 2011

children are wonderFULL

...children....ah..they are wonderFULL.....

Today, a few of them came into our studio for a lesson....and while I was busy looking for charcoal, I heard them taking about a bird.
A dead bird.

Well, birds were on their mind because I had asked them to keep their voices down as we all shared lunch under our gazebo; birds built a nest which weeks later resounded with the chirping of baby birds.

In this heat wave I have worried about them.

 The gazebo is made of metal, and with temperatures reaching over 105F and "feeling like" 120F with the humidity factor... I wondered if the poor babies would bake in there (!)-yet the other day I scooted a ladder, climbed on the deck rail, and when I peeked in I saw three little bobbing heads. They are fine.

They chirp all day long, and the parents fly in and out with various food items.
However, when there is a lot of noise, the parents stay away even though the babies call out to them desperately.... so we tried to be quiet while we were outside.

Later, when in the studio and talk of a 'dead bird' ensued, as I overhead the children, I thought they had found Sergio's encaustic with the dead bird's wing (another long story whcih involves children, birds and screaming)-it took me a few seconds to turn around--but when I did, I realized they were all looking into the woodstove.

I walked over, opened the door....and I have to admit I was the first one to scream...*arrgh* .... a dead bird lay at the bottom of the stove.
Poor thing.
Of course, after I screamed, they all started screaming. Soon Sergio came in and was ready to scoop it out--but I asked him to first dig a hole so we could bury it. He laughed but complied. The children gathered around and wanted a "funeral".... they discussed it and settled on singing a song for it.
 Discussion of which song to sing included Happy Birthday and a few others, but they settled on the Star Spangled Banner.

A flower was laid on the "tomb"
and we set off on foot to the metro to visit the National Portrait Gallery.

There, we saw wonderful art and had great "artsy" discussions about media, techniques, concepts etc.

Children full of wonder can have such great comments and questions about art!
We looked at several pieces by great artists and they sketched in their Art Journals.

When we returned we went into the pool and had a great time.

A full day indeed..... but yes, as you may have guessed: when the parents came to pick them up, what was the highlight of their day?
The Warhol's we saw, Singer-Sergeant?
Calder?....nope...it was the dead bird in the wood stove.

..... thank God for children! 
They teach us that the greatest things are really about the wonder of life and living.

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Elisa said...

Love , love, love this post! Such a rich life you have!