Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is it difficult to "let go" of our art to collectors?

People often ask me if it is hard to let go of our art. After all, I do call them our "babies" ..but my answer is always no; I love to find loving permanent homes for our art!
A week ago a collector was visiting the studio and asked me that question again, and an analogy quickly came to my lips... as I gave her my answer I was elated at what came forth--does that ever happen to you: you say something brilliantly"right on"...and you think wow! that is my truth and yet I never realized it.....until you speak it out loud"?

I see our art as The Little Prince saw his rose.... special and unique; though it may look like any other rose when in a garden..
she was his own special rose.

We work and value and love each piece we make. 

Making art is our passion, we give it all our tender love, much thought.

Sometimes, we may work on a piece for months...even years, until we are satisfied--these sometimes turn out to be amongst our best pieces.  Other times, we are so disappointed with the result, we simply destroy it by tossing it in the fire and begin anew.

Each time we finish a piece we look at it together, we discuss the process...and think about where we will go next...

Sergio scans it for documentation purposes, and we either place them inside various basket bins we have in the studio (unframed pieces)- or we hang them on our wall.

They stay this way, admired by us and our studio visitors.... until someone gives them a loving home- until it is singled out from the 'garden'.

While our art is on the wall I feel they are all beautiful though one were looking at a rose garden.... however, I think when a piece is purchased and taken to it's permanent home, it is special, just as the Little Prince's rose was special. 

No longer is the piece 'one among many', it becomes a unique piece set apart to be admired and treasured wherever it's final home is.

So no, I am never sad when my pieces leave the studio.... I am thrilled!

 I love to see the photos that people send me of our art in their living space.... it is an honour to know that our art adorns, encourages and beautifies spaces they were meant for.

A small miracle indeed,  that somewhere, there is a connection to all of you!


BlackPumpkin said...

I love owls!!!
Coming from Life Book class!!

Cagney Studio 8 said...

As usual...beautifully stated. What a wonderful way to look at it! I recently have been pondering this very thing...and you nailed it on the head.
Thank you for sharing and spreading your beautifulness all over the earth!

Anonymous said...

I'm also visiting from a link in the Lifebook Facebook blog list and had to say I love your own - simply adorable. I'll be checking back to see what it looks like when complete :O)

stacie said...

Hi! Stopping by from Life Book. We are almost neighbors, I'm in New Market, MD. Small world! Love the owls.

rachel awes said...

such dear art!!

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Hello and thank you everyone for your wonderFULL comments!!

I appreciate your time in writing helps keep me on track to continue posting art and placing thoughts from my hear online!
Many blessings to you all! xoxox

Stacie: we ARE neighbors! Come visit our studio sometime :)

Love & Light to all....!