Tuesday, May 29, 2012

from toys in my box to other's people trash and repurposing.....

I finally realized why packing leads me to cleaning.... it reminds me of my toy box.

It doubles the pressure and shaves away at my time....*sigh* ....but I LOVE the end result ...it reminds me of my toy box.

It was a wooden box painted orange and my mother would make me clean it out a few times a year. She would give me a bag to place toys into to give away, and another to throw away. I always 're discovered' toys I had lost or lost interest in.... "repurposing" since I was a child-

I would take these toys out and create something new with them. I remember the first time I watched the Christmas special with the island for discarded toys. I cried; there were so many things I would have done with them I thought...!

Below is what I did with an old school desk I found on the side of the road...trash to treasure (the white pot beside it now has a plant and it looks even better!)

On Sunday, our son left for his solo trip to Chile. I spent a full week packing his suitcase (I shared about it and my "hoarder's like"  photo here on our Mapuche project blog). 

Now, I have to begin to think about packing our suitcases... because although I leave a week before Sergio does, I will leave his suitcase ready to go to also~(ladies, can we say "yea, we know" ;)

In the meantime, while packing,

 I have been doing some Spring Cleaning, which for us also means getting our outdoor areas clean and ready for enjoyment. Our house is tiny, a two bedroom cottage that is 90+  years old... the smallest one in the neighborhood, but the largest yard.

We have fully taken advantage of it with decks and sitting areas outdoors, we love it- but it presents us with lots of challenges to include : tons of mosquitoes, and loads of clean up after the long DC winters.

Of course, we want to leave it all ready before we leave so that not only can we enjoy it when we return, but also because we have family that will be staying at our place while we are in Chile.

The house across the street was just remodeled and the contractor gave us a couple of the old doors to play around with. What I have come up with is one door will be as a frame to large antlers that were gifted to us by a friend who hunts (btw: he hunts to eat the deer, so we are super OK with that...not Ok with hunting/fishing for 'fun').

I had Sergio transfer the knob to the front, and we will attach the skull/antlers in the middle of the door. First it will be powerwashed and then stained with weatherproof (deck) paint.

This is what we did with a smaller deer skull our friend Greg gifted us with:

Another part of a door I want to make into a "window" (seen here to the left of the photo)-but I am not sure what to place inside the glass -I was thinking perhaps something sort of "vintagey" ...not our artwork, but something more like old letters...

I just need to find out how to make them so they are 'Washington DC weatherproof".... if you have any ideas on what materials to use, please let me know; meanwhile, check out these great images here

We also took apart another old school desk (it was broken) ..and we have the cool steel part of the chairs...not sure what to do with these...if you have an idea: please let me know! :)

Enjoy the season...where ever you may be!
Love & Light,

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