Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday time is here!

Holiday time is here!!!

This is our strongest time of the year to "get the art" out there.... and we hope you will take a peek at everything we have to offer and give ART for the holidays!! Nothing else like it - never needs an upgrade, non fattening... lasts forever and becomes an heriloom for years to come!

We have reproductions available in our OlivosARTstudiostore.com and of course on etsy too!
You may see pieces you like here on this blog or on our Facebook page

Aside from all of the Mapuche work that we did from June until this month. One of the things that the Mapuche project brought forth for me was working with a palette knife, this is something I have never done before yet was always curious about.  Below is one of the first pieces I made that mix the palette knife technique with my usual figurative work.... I am not sure what to call her, but I am delighted with her...what do you think?

Oil on canvas. 12" x 12"  $225.-
One of the posts I hope to share with you as soon as we get some breathing space from our pARTy preparations (we hope YOU are coming if you are in the Washington DC metro area....invitation can be found here)....is a post in regards to my new Yoga practice, something I began in earnest in September, and which has brought me joy, pain... and giggles too!

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