Saturday, January 5, 2013

of lizards and white radishes for colds

We had a fantastic time in Mexico with Sergio's family....*boy* do they know how to party!

Most nights we went to bed at 4am.... some not until 6am. We chatted and played Cuban Dominoes, ate and drank enough White Russians (coffee beans and coffee liquors are originally from that area in Mexico).

However, they really have mastered the art of the "siesta" .... whereas this is something that I have only done a few times in my life. They also know how to 'sleep in' and would do so until 1pm, then take a siesta around 4pm (after the 2pm lunch)....
Me? I would be up around 9am along with all the young children who were running around with their new Christmas toys.
All night long, the guard dogs barked waking me up and out of my light sleep from which I was continually *startled* awake ~inches into the air~ by a tiny lizard called the "house sitter" it chirps/screams/toots like an annoying rubber toy...
When I first asked Sergio "what is that?" ... he said "oh, that is a bird, it is the State bird of Villahermosa".
I believed him.
 Later his family laughed out loud when I mentioned said bird.... Sergio had apparently answered me in his sleep, because as I said, it is a lizard. In any event, that is how I found out... when I announced to all at lunch that the State bird was nesting in the wall... nope, it was a lizard, who lives in the AC unit.

So.... all that to tell you that although I usually boast about my *record breaking* .... over 5 years not getting the flu ..well this may be it.

*sniff, cough, hack*.....

I am using all my knowledge of natural remedies to get better...quickly, as classes start,

But while Sergio takes over my studio class I sit here in bed getting caught up with social media and when I can, sneaking in some painting. You may have seen the short video I made of how I paint in the cold of winter- this is how I have spent my week painting in bed while nursing my cold.

One of the natural remedies I have been using and which I find really helps my sinuses is white radishes.

 I am not fond of radishes but I can not deny their almost immediate effect on congestion. It was a few years ago, when I began my three year journey into raw foods that I had my first ever sinus infection as a result of 'detox' and it was accompanied by conjunctivitis in both eyes. Because I knew it was a detox effect, I wanted to avoid antibiotics at all costs so I consulted with a Chinese Traditional Pharmacist in a shop in Chinatown and she advised me to put radishes up my nose!
I did.
Indeed... I was that desperate.
But the incredible thing is that it worked like a miracle! In only 24 hrs the sinus infection began to clear up in an amazing way. In three days, I was back to normal sans antibiotics, meds at all! 

So here is what I did: I grated white radish with a tiny grater, put a tiny bit in each nostril and proceeded to huff and puff and try to not blow it out immediately. I kept it in probably for about one minute. I did this three times the first day, once the second day... and that was it.

Now, this time my sinuses have not been such a huge problem but a Netti pot has not been sufficient to clear out my stuffy nose and ears, so I tried the following:
I toasted garlic in raw butter in a pan, then added thinly sliced white radishes to it. I sauteed them briefly, just to take a bit of the *bite* out of them but not enough to kill all the good healing properties, and then I ate a bowl full (they actually were quite tasty!)... and again, I was surprised at the benefits!

I decided to look it up online and found a preventative home remedy which now I am giving to Sergio (our son refuses to try it) to help keep the flu away from him. I am sharing it here as I hope you will also try it, honestly, it tastes amazing and even a young child will eat it!

  • Wash and peel a white radish (the long white radishes have white peel, or sometimes red/purple tones to the peel as well.)
  • Cut it into small cubes and place in glass jar.
  •  Fill glass jar with enough honey to cover the radishes.
  • Let sit for at least two hours.
You should find that the radishes have shrunk and the honey is now more liquid as it has become full of the juice of the radish. Drink this by the tablespoon, add it to your tea... it tastes just like honey!
To make it a stronger remedy: scoop out the shriveled radishes and eat them bathed in the honey you made, and refill the honey jar with fresh radishes. The second batch honey will still be tasty, though I wouldn't recommend it for your tea, but the medicinal properties will have been doubled!

You can store this in your refrigerator for up to a week.... but eat it all... so good for you and yours!
I also found this link:

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