Tuesday, February 12, 2013

celebrate love, celebrate YOU!

This is LOVE week...it is both my birthday AND Valentine's day
*woo hoo*

That's me! Chunky cheeks even then!
Although I was born here in Washington DC in the middle of winter and lived here until I was two years old, I grew up in Chile, where my birthday fell in the middle of summer and my sister's was in June..the middle of winter-so my mom always celebrated us together on my sister's birthday because more school kids would attend the party as most everyone in the city escapes to the beach for the month of February....

So it is habitual for me not to be one to have "parties" for my birthday... instead I love to do something special on Valentine's day to cover both days because I was a single mama for several years...and this  was a way to make Valentine's day special for myself and my son, a day to celebrate LOVE... all kinds of Love.

Which reminds me of the time my mom and step dad (who are devout born-again Christians) gave me a sticker that said "I LOVE THE BIBLE" for my bumper sticker.

I was 17 and already absolutely and TOTALLY : in Love with Love .

I had read Buscaglia's book "Love" when I was 15, and I can truly say it changed my life and led me to where I am now..anyhow... so, I took the sticker and almost without thinking I cut off "THE BIBLE" portion of it and stuck "the other" part  on my little car's bumper.

 There I was ....full of wonder and love at the world around me....driving around in my little car with an "I LOVE" bumper sticker. Happy as a lark, but not for long...

The next time I saw my mom & step dad they were furious and scandalized... step dad walked me out to my car with a window cleaner razor thingy, and he told me to "either take off the sticker or never drive to this house again" ...
he said "what are the neighbors going to think? (and he asked): what does THIS mean???"
I explained it meant:

 I LOVE everything, the sun, the moon, babies and puppies and the flowers and the birds...I LOVE life, I love God~I told him~ and I love you too" .. I said!
Oh... I was giddy with the excitement of new life... as we often are at that age!

But, he would not have it. Nope. He said the neighbors would think I am a "loose woman". ..
That it "looked bad" to just "love like that and announce it to the world..."
Afraid I would lose the love and acceptance from mom and step dad, my sticker came off...

It seemed like I could never do anything right ... family is SO important for our sense of self... it is there where we most often look for unconditional love and acceptance...not receiving this from my family of origin has caused me a life-long struggle with low self esteem and self doubt...

                                 In fact, I often hated myself.

My little painting of isolation. In this big and lovely world...
one can sometimes feel alone and rejected.
So, imagine my surprise when only yesterday I ran across the work of
Christine Arylo  on the web, she is the bestselling author of Madly in Love with ME  and an internationally recognized speaker and transformational teacher and the founder of the
 International Day of Self~Love
 ~-February 13th~ehem!!! MY birthday!!!!

                                                                                         How cool is that????

And just as my mom and step dad at that moment were sort of tunnel vision about words..so can we be about Valentine's..a day to celebrate love in all it's forms....ALL it's forms!

So dear friends, on MY birthday and on Valentine's...
celebrate love and celebrateYOU!
I have many friends who are single and tend to get "down" on the day for LOVERS.... but from my own experience I want to encourage you:
           make both days be about LOVE!
  1. Host a small potluck party – invite all your friends over to celebrate YOUrselves
  2. Pamper yourself – treat yourself to something you love.
  3. Write yourself a love letter – make a list of all the things you love about yourself
  4. Make something nice for yourself- a yummy meal or dessert, a craft or art project...

  5. Simply gift yourself FREE time.... retreat into your favorite room with a favorite book, paint, watch a movie...

  6. Just do what you LOVE to do... just for you!
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Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! <3 and i love you, your art your love to all! thank you for reminding us what love is

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

awww.... thank YOU MaryLisa.... LOVE YOU too!! :*

VedaSun said...

Great post Claudia....I have Christine's book and love it and how cool is it that today is your bday! very cool! thx for sharing this...
gina :)

Anonymous said...

Claudia-So resonates with my heart! Synchronicity-I just tagged Christine Arylo in a painting earlier today on FB-'The Queen of Flow' -Happiest of Birthdays! Celebrating YOU!-Kate

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Thank you Kate!! :)

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Thanks for your comment Gina! I may have to get that book too! :)

Much love,

Donna said...

Happy belated birthday Claudia! What a lovely post, and lovely ideas to enjoy love whatever your relationship status! xx

Dominee said...

Happy happy birthday! I love that you see your birthday as a day for loving yourself. That is so awesome.
And I so much love your art, it's lovely!

Charlotte said...

I really LOVE this blog post! I think your explanation to your step dad was beautiful, and you should make and sell those bumper stickers that tell the world I LOVE - I would get one for sure!

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Dear Donna, Dominee and Charlotte,

Thank you SO much for your support!

What a great idea Charlotte! I think I WILL make some "I LOVE" bumper stickers!



Crystal said...

My heart broke for the younger you with your "I love" bumper sticker. I am sure that if my 3-year-old son had heard your story he would have offered to give you a new one. (He does that kind of thing these days.) It looks like the bumper sticker incident was big in your life, but your heart is back at its old tricks of welling up with love for it all. Congratulations!

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

awww...Crystal, thank you SO much for your sweet words of support!!
Your 3 year old sounds like a sweetie!!

Yes..lots of incidents like that in my life... but LOVE is in my heart :)

Halina said...

I love the way you write! When I started reading your post I couldn't stop which happens seldom enough on this busy internet..:) Happy birthday!!! I hope you keep celebrating yourself for the rest of the month!!! ~ Love, Halina

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Thank you SO much Halina!! THAT means a lot to me! Especially since it is only recently that I have changed the way in which I write my posts!

Thank youuuuu!!!!