Tuesday, February 26, 2013

writing like painting like living your *blissed* life

I have been working on an article for a magazine about Nature vs Nurture.

There are SO many feelings that have "come up" for me as I write it... my feelings as a mom: nurturing my child with complete devotion and unconditional love.

I have written paragraphs and deleted them.
Now I understand the typical vision of the writer with the mountains of crumpled up papers all around them!

Writing about Nature vs Nurture has also brought up my own experience of nature/nurture within my family of origin.... an dysfunctional family which has brought me great sadness and confusion as my mother always offered up conditional love, stripping me of the unconditional love that only a parent can gift.

 I have written in detail different experiences with my own mother.....

I have written pages, and pages.... and then deleted them.

In writing things down I have found things that I have only spoken about but had not "seen" .

Funny how writing does this (and why journaling is SO important). It is as though a thought spoken is now formed into shapes
letters and paragraphs.... dots and commas...and more dots. And there it is.
Truth. Questioning. Erasing.
Veiling some painFULL things. Protecting myself.
Protecting them.
Letting go.

It has been very similar to the process of painting.

Sometimes I have painted over certain areas of a painting, not really led by need, but more so with curiosity a "how would this color look like here"?

Other times I have painted over the whole thing in white gesso-starting something new on something 'old' (the under painting is always visible via texture or simply via the energy left behind of the first piece).

A few times, only a few.... I have cut a canvas into tiny pieces and salvaged a tiny square- (once from a 32" x 32" painting, I salvaged a square that was about 9" x 9") and collaged it to a new canvas creating a different piece born out of it. 

Do you see the metaphor here? Because I certainly do!

It is very similar to the process of life.

Sometimes we need to take out our "life brush" and change a certain area of our lives-
maybe something we have been doing for years that needs to change.

A new work out routine for example .... I was practicing Pilates for years, and 6 months ago I began to practice Baptiste style yoga instead: it has been an AWEsome practice and I never even really thought I needed to 'change' as I was "content" with Pilates... but one afternoon, curiosity led me to the Yoga studio. And I stayed.

Other times we need to start things over.
Re create what is, yet in a different way.

Sometimes it is best to cut out and salvaging of what you have going for your life and make a humongous change in your life  ....
                              a move to an entirely new place, a career shift, marriage, divorce.

Sergio and I have done this too, the move, the divorce, the marriage.
Huge changes that shook our worlds yet made it the fantastic *BLISSfull life* we live now!

What changes can you make in YOUr life to bring more *BLISS* into your life?

The first step to create ANY type of change in your life is to have a support system- what is popularly being called "Your tribe" .

You, just as you are ...you "belong" to a group "somewhere" out there.
You do.
There are wonderful people who are like minded individuals whom you will be able to relate to, lean on, share with... they really are out there!People who will understand, love and support YOU!

It is imperative that you find and belong to a "tribe" that will allow you to be the full and 'unveiled' expression of YOU.

Why is this important? You need accountability...and that, can only happen when you are being honest with yourself and your "tribe".


What if you don't have friends you consider your tribe...how can you find your tribe?

Easy... join a group/class/church or other spiritual path/meet up group/Facebook group.... if it is something that absolutely excites you and you think "whoa..this is me".... you have found your tribe!

Remember that just as a painting or a book can take several months to finish... change too is a process and it can be taken in baby steps.....

 Begin with what is most important to you, and only you.
This is where you have to be a bit "selfish"... and remind yourself that the whole 'flight preparedness' thing applies to life too: in other words:
put on your oxygen mask before you reach out to help others.
Ask yourself:
  • If I don't change this will it DIRECTLY affect my well-being and mood?
  • If I don't implement change for this will it make me frustrated, stressed or depressed?
  • If I change this, will it  elevate my mood leading me to be an overall better person in other areas of my life?

  While you may not naturally be one of those "glass half full" people, adopting a positive outlook and daily gratitude will immediately invite positive change into

your *blissed* life!


Jocelyn said...


Very thought-provoking and inspired post! I love the metaphor and imagery of painting and how it relates to life as well as your own experience with writing an article about Nature vs. Nurture. How very fitting that you recognized the resemblance to our own life experience!

I, too, have gone through big life changes and am going through another major one right now. The moment I read your question: "If I do't change this will it DIRECTLY affect my well-being and mood?" I felt an electrical charge through my body. I knew the change I made just recently was life changing in a positive way. So much that on some days I cry out of gratitude for finally making the decision.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights. You've reminded me that I'm on the right track and have a great supportive and growing tribe.

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Thank you so very much for your heart felt and thoughtful comment Jocelyn!
And CONGRATULATIONS on making a life change that you know that YOU know is right for your life!!
And *hurrah* for supportive creative tribes! AmaZing how the world of the internet who SO many thought would serve to isolate us...indeed has done the very opposite and has led so many of us like minded peeps to meet, share and create "virtual tribes" that are powerFULLy important!

oodles of love & light,

mary lisa said...

everything you said here is so true, i've been finding tribes where i didn't belong, changing things here and there, the layers, the many moments or places you felt stuck in, wanting to leave not knowing how...change is so good...now in the present tribe, i am content, there is always ways to polish it, to protect it and to make it even better than what it already is thank you dearly

nora Amala said...

Great post, thank you! Yes, art and words are so helpful in exploring all these layers and sometimes I think of me and my life of a beautiful colorful mosaik. Thank you for the powerful questions at the end.

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Thank you Mary Lisa!
I love your attitude towards tribe :).... yes, there is ALWAYS ways to polish, trim and make our lives *BLissFULL*
"your task is not to seek for love but to seek for all barriers within yourself that you have built against it"

Love you!

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Dear Nora,

Thank you for your comment...YES, a colorful mosaic, a beautiful colorful quilt... full of beauty and diversity within!

Much love,

Michelle said...

Your words are so uplifting and full of energy Claudia! Thank you for sharing all of who you are with us. And for giving us so much food for thought. You are a such a beautiful inspiration!

Spiritual Wisdom Magazine said...

Claudia you truly are a beautiful brilliant soulful light! Loved your post and I'm so glad that your article for Spiritual Wisdom Magazine is allowing the process to take you to brave and new places :)

I love, love, LOVED this ---> "Remember that just as a painting or a book can take several months to finish... change too is a process and it can be taken in baby steps....." just those few short words had me in a TA-DA! moment where I allowed myself to take a breath and just enjoy the process of starting my own tribe.
Thank you so much sweets. Keep shining your light brightly babe, for it reaches far and wide. *squishy hugs* Nic