Tuesday, March 19, 2013

circle of creative healers

It is true what they say:

 the more authentically you live your life... seeking what is TRUE to your heart... the more your life will begin to align with your true purpose, your call in this life.

And this is important because although we each are all the same, we are also absolutely different and unique individuals that make this world into an interesting and wonderFULL world.

Oil on canvas
This past week we have had the honor of meeting several people who though walking in completely different "ways" .... are all on the same paths as they celebrate their uniqueness they help others be all they can be through their various talents and gifts and Sergio and I have been *blissed* and *blessed* to meet these wonderful giving individuals who are all involved in one way or another in the "creative healing ARTs"


oil on cavas
I met Cara via the online business course I am taking with Leonie Dawson (I will dedicate a post to her soon!).

Sergio and I have been listening to one of her self guided meditations daily and we have found it to be a wonderful *blissing* to fall asleep together each day to the healing messages found in what she calls~ inner journeys~. You can find more about them here

Cara's core message is:
" life is supposed to joyful and clearly there are times when that is not what we experience. We offer products and services that help people release struggle and reconnect to that natural internal state of joy and ease. When we tap into our internal guidance system we can allow life to flow from us".
And we could not agree more! Check out her website for more information: http://wildbliss.com/

Fellow artist healer:

this is a sketch I made while
at the Kundalini workshop.
On Sunday, we attended a Kundalini workshop in Northern Virginia.. who knew there were so many like minded people so close to home? 

It was an absolutely fantastic time of learning, sharing and making new friends. If you are in the Washington DC or Thornhill Ontario area check out the www.HealingCooperative.com

This was our first time there, but it will certainly not be the last! We are already considering ourselves "regulars!"

Our host was SusanDeaneTaylorGol a most generous, wise and talented woman who offers Therapeutic Art workshops, Reiki and essential oils too! Imagine that?
We had NO idea that she actually offers the same modalities we are offering here in the DC area and it was so wonderful to meet her!

On the Healing Cooperative website Susan writes:

The Healing Cooperative will allow us to share our knowledge and skills and resources, and join together as a viable entity, focusing on peace, healing, community support and outreach...
I am stupendously fabulously floored each time I meet someone new in this
'circle of creative healers'
as everyone is SO unbelievably kind and giving of their time, connections and friendship.
There is a beautiful belief and faith in "karma"... allowing space for one another while embracing each other too... no competition, just oodles of support! 
I am loving this!
Sacred Pleasure:
oil on canvas
During the meeting we were also thrilled to meet Kiela Mellott, a self described "Pleasure Goddess" who is a certified Life Pleasure Coach, Sacred Entertainer/Educator, and just all around fantaboulous performer who seeks to share her passion about Sacred Sexuality, the Divine Feminine/Awakened Masculine & the Roles men and women play in our society.
 Kiela lives her vitality through her Sacred Sexuality ...
If you think that there are limits to the many creative ways we can reach people, please check out this short video of Kiela in action with a take on Madonna's "Material Girl".
AND she has invited me to NY NY to do collaborate on a project!
This should be interrrrresting!
(please note her website is under remodeling and is expected to be finished by Friday, so check back often!)
Oh...there are SO many creative healers out there with all kinds of modalities and offerings....
and we are thrilled to be joining the ranks with our own healing energy paintings as well as with our:
 "Healing through the heart" workshops....
We hope YOU will join us too!
Mixed media on canvas
There is still time to sign up for our "on site" here in our little OlivosARTstudio
which I will be hosting with Sheri A. Ponzi, a gifted spiritual teacher and amaZing life coach. 
It will be a transformational weekend of spirit-filled creativity. Together we will connect deeply with our angels and spirit guides and bring them to life on the canvas.

We will:
Meditate ~ Listen to music ~ Paint with our hearts ~ Collage on our paintings ~ Splatter paint ~ Listen to our intuition!
Our time together will include guided meditations, journal writing, and the creation of an energetically charged mixed-media representation of one of your angels.
This promises to be a Divine weekend of creative blessings.                        
Our news:
Sergio and I are now level II Reiki practicioners currently studying towards III-Master Level. 
What is Reiki you ask?
Simply, it is just like prayer and setting an intention for the well being and healing of someone else. It is about spreading the love!
ink on photo paper
Sergio plans to dedicate his practice to animals, offering pet portraits with Reiki energy packages as well as applying it to some of his encaustic works too.
I have already started making energy paintings which I make with set intention and prayer, infuse the powerful symbols of Reiki and send them off to the collector per commission or need.
Please contact us if you are interested... and as always, follow us on Facebook to see our art daily, including sales and giveaways too!
Much love to YOU and yours!
Claudia (& Sergio)


Jessica said...

I love the local connections, you're making, especially, Claudia. I sometimes get in the habit of thinking everyone doing what I do (or thinking how I think) is waaaaay far away from me, and then I find little pockets of "my" people and it's like magic. Reading about your adventures in this arena inspires me. Thank you!

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Thank you for stopping by Jessica!
Yes, me too...so glad to find connections locally and online too!

It *is* like magic!
I call it *mirmagical*


Sofia Dabalsa said...


Another post full of love and wisdom. yes it is true. for me I believe that staying committed to authenticity is the key to happiness. what connections you are making! I think that I am supposed to be taking Leonie's class too :) I just can't seem to keep up with everything these days. It is wonderful for you to keep learning and growing! cheers to you and Sergio! xxx