Tuesday, March 5, 2013

this Queen deserves her Lox

This past weekend I took the Chinatown bus from DC to NY City to participate in a workshop by Shiloh Sophia McCloud, a Reverend, artist and author who has made it her life's work to help women through art... and that is SO "up my alley"
because I believe my life mission is:

helping individuals to heal through my art and through their own art making/creations too!

I have hesitated in taking any of her workshops because I already paint what she teaches: the Divine Feminine~ indeed, it is what I have spent most all of my life doing.... however, her vision on utilizing ART to help others heal and live the magnificent lives they can live totally  draws me to her work.
                                                                I absolutely LOVE what Shiloh does!

When I found out she was going to New York this week to speak at the United Nations and she was offering a day workshop in the city...  I decided to jump on the bus and go meet Shiloh in person.

You see: my father was a UN diplomat who not only helped women and children through his work, he was also an artist and he lived there in NY city.
I spent lots of time there with him learning about life and art.... so the thought of going there to paint with this woman who would soon walk into my Papa's "work place" to honor women through art.... well.....

*Divine timing*

I arrived in New York to dinner with friends and an early night at the very "happening" hotel "Ace" (strongly recommend). 

On Saturday morning I stopped at a little deli for a cup of 'te con leche' and walked over to the Art Center. There, I met two of the beautiFULL women who are joining me at Painting the Goddess within online course, lovely Sofia and Jade-what a treat!

The workshop was amazing in so many ways! Shiloh is an amazingly talented, sweet teacher, encourager... she is just wonderFULL at what she does plus I had a wonderful time with the other gorgeous women I met there!

We were led to create a piece that showed our "Calling".... and although I know that my calling is to paint and to bless others with my work as well as helping others heal and become all they can be through art....

From the piece I made at the workshop
the logo is the simple eye shape with a tear.
 I had not been clear on how to forge ahead with this component of our studio.... and now I know that our "healing through the heART" component not only will be an important part of our offerings for women, I hope to share it with children too!....

And, I now have a logo for it too!
 It came to me when one of the gorgeous women at my table looked at me-after I had explained that although my heart is very much with those in physical pain, my passion is with the ones who suffer quietly because of emotional pain~ and said:

"so Claudia, you are interested in healing
"the unseen wound"
                                             The unseen wound.

It is amazing how the act of making art can bring about  epiphanies that heal and lead us to growth.

That very morning, as we began the workshop, we began talking about self worth.... one woman in particular was sharing with us how unworthy she felt because of bullying.

As I struggled not to cry with her sharing.... my own behavior suddenly dawned on me:

I had spent the whole day prior to my trip looking for a snack to share with the group, I knew someone there was having dental issues, so I looked and looked for something that would be "soft" for her to eat. I brought a pound cake with me from DC to NY (so I wouldn't have to be searching for it once there) .... yet I totally forgot to pack lunch for myself.

The thing is that I usually skip breakfast, but that morning I woke up hungry, the deli had not opened their kitchen yet when I stopped by, and by the time I arrived at the workshop- I was starving.

Everyone had brought snacks to share but with my dietary needs, there was nothing I could munch on.

Well, there were these sandwiches that looked amazingly yummy... like they were bursting with vegetables- and if you know me... you know I love veggies! ~but I thought to myself:

 "I am not going to take one of those because I can't eat the bread and it will be wasted'. 

And I sat there.
Tummy making all kinds of rumbling noises.

My stomach was beginning to hurt by the time I got up and grabbed the last piece and brought it back to our table. I did so without thinking.
It was right about that time that my classmate began to pour out her story of a low self esteem... and immediately I realized what I was doing:
I too feel unworthy.
I was leaving that sandwich on the table because I thought someone else deserved it more than I did.

I think of others first, and I leave my own needs unmet.
I think a lot of women do this.

I shared with the group and I said:
I am going to eat the inside of this sandwich because I am worthy.
I took a fork to take out the tomato inside... and *whoa* it was not tomato...
it was a cream cheese and Lox sandwich!!!

One of my favorite things and I did so deserve it!

Funny "that"....funny  how we continue to perpetuate the sense of "less" and "lesser than"...whether because of family, bullies, coworkers, spouses.... we adopt their behavior and we too begin to sabotage our own happiness and well being.

Notice your everyday behaviors.
Call attention to what you do or don't do that really serves no purpose at all in your life for happiness, well being and joy!

YOU are worthy!
Honor yourself

This is the piece I made at the workshop
Before we started painting, Shiloh led us in a meditation ...in it, I was surprised to see myself as a queen...all in pearly whites and gold....shimmering light and fresh like Spring.....seated on a magnificent throne.

you gotta be kidding I thought.

Yet, when all of the conversations began to emerge about what we had seen in our meditations and I realized how different all our mind images had been (some saw purple elephants, gardens etc..) it was then that I knew that my inner self was telling me loud and clear to honor myself...
honor myself because I am worthy.

Like a queen deserving respect, honor and loyalty... this is who I am....who YOU are (unless of course, you are a King :)
Thing is... we are awesome and deserving of love, respect, honor.... especially from ourselves!

If we don't see ourselves like the absolutely gorgeous regal creatures that we are....
how can others?
And how can we shine for others when we are not aware of our own light?

Honor your inner Goddess/Queen/King.....
you are worthy.

In what small ways can you show respect for yourself, honor yourself in your everyday life?

Maybe it means "showing up" for yourself when someone belittles you.
Maybe it means eating that last piece of brownie.
It may even be standing up for yourself fiercely and adamantly

Respect, honor and love yourself!


Sofia Dabalsa said...

Tu si eres la reyna de tu mundo! I loved spending time with your caring soul Claudia. I am so happy of the connections you made at the workshop! I love your artwork and I can't wait to visit your studio! Keep up the good work!

Michelle said...

Claudia, your gorgeousness shines through with every word. Thank you so much, you give me so much to think about deep in my heart. xxx

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Que linda Sofia!!!!
((mil abrazos/hugs))... I absolutely LOVED meeting you and hope we continue to build a friendship.... and I would LOVE for you to visit the studio!!!
I just know that your man and mine will get along!!


Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Thank you SO mcuh Michelle.. ! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and thank you for sharing that this post helped you too!! THAT rocks my world... THAT keeps me 'bloggin' away :)

Much, much love to you gorgeous Goddess Queen!


Tarot By Arwen said...

So much beauty here. thank you for sharing. :D

Anonymous said...

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Sue Kearney (@MagnoliasWest) said...

Thank you so much for bringing so much light and inspiration into my day.

Your art is beautiful, and so is the powerful things you say about the unseen wound.

Blessed be!

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaveing me such beautifully encouraging words Sue!

Blessed be!

Crystal said...

Hi Claudia,

Thank you for allowing us to witness your journey as you discover your calling.


Rebekah Smith said...

hello, love:-)

just wanted to say thank you for your beauty-full post!:-)...

your light shines through your words and your art and both have made my morning brighter!:-)


Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Thank you so much Rebekah! Now YOU have made MY morning brighter :)

love and light,