Sunday, December 29, 2013

Holidays can be tough for some of us

The Holidays are not easy for some of us......

So many of you have shared with us about your own Holiday sadness... 

our little family of three also suffers sadness this season- not everything is always as it seems- but we make the best of it... focusing on each other and on all the wonderFULL people in our lives who love us; we learn to stand up for our worthiness and self love in the face of troublesome situations and people.... 

I have always been one that forgives very easily and sees the "glass half full"... a "Pollyanna" is what I have always been.... but as someone who loves me recently advised me:

"Claudia, Pollyanna was only 14"...(yes, yes and thank you *you know who*)...

It is time for me to 'grow up' and gift myself and my little family self respect and self love. 

No more allowing people to treat me badly.

Allowing ourselves to be repeatedly treated badly by the same person/s is our own personal responsibility. Developing strong boundaries about what we will and won't accept and enforcing these is a great way to protect ourselves from regular offenders. 

People can hurt you and break your heart, and sometimes they will: but only YOU can allow them to continuously hurt you. 

Value yourself enough to choose to spend time with people who treat you the way you treat them.
Know your worth.
Know when it is "enough" and move on from the people who keep chipping away at your happiness. 

We gift you this quote graphic by Sergio to encourage you... just as you encourage us with your love & support.... feel free to print it out and let it encourage you to SHINE in the New Year! 


Susan Hemann said...

Merry Christmas to you both and a Happy New Year. I will pray for you. Sergio has made a lovely tool for standing up for yourself. Remember also to allow old habits to move slowly out of you. Our old habits are deeply etched in the road of life and it is a slow move to change them .Let God move you to a new path of loving yourself, honoring who you are. Be gentle with yourself as you make changes. Love Sue

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Thank you so much Susan!! We wish you a wonderful New Year...oodles of Love, Joy and Peace!