Thursday, March 10, 2016

Accident update and new blog coming to

Hello dear friends!

In three weeks, it will be a whole year since I last blogged (!)

Things were very tough a year ago with my continued healing from my family of origin wounding, cPTSD
and coming into an awakening that led me to realize many areas/relationships in my life where I allowed others to treat me in unloving ways. Most difficult was that our son was seriously ill from January to September, which only exacerbated his anxiety and the stress magnified Sergio's ADHD - leaving me as the caretaker of the three of us with too huge of a load on my shoulders.

Finally, my body took charge, in October- I had a serious accident; I fell 8 feet from the attic to our hardwood floor.
It was our anniversary and the stress of everything had me running around, not paying attention.

At the time of the accident, neither Sergio nor I realized how serious of a fall that was. Neither one of us imagined I would still be in bed after 5 months!
I do get up to go teach a couple of times a week, and hope to soon begin some movement therapy. I am walking, but in pain-- and with faith that I will not have a permanent limp.

Through it all, I continued to paint... I finished the first series of a "more to come" hand painted handbags which btw...
will go on sale this weekend for 2 days only as we will soon be taking them out to art fairs and such, beginning with an exhibit at the National Museum for Women in the Arts! What an honor to show my work there!

My accident was too much for my two guys to bear, and in December, we flew to Chile where I was showered with much needed attention (my guys would forget to feed me when I could only get around by crawling!) and Chile's summer sun was divine, but I still had to request a wheelchair on my way back to the USA and remained on crutches until just two days ago.

It is now mid March, and the windows are open with beautiful Spring air blowing in a perfect gentle breeze. I am in a bit of pain, but this is my first week walking around *slowly* ... baby steps.
Our son has not only been feeling better... he will be graduating with honors!! We have found a new doctor to work with Sergio and his ADHD and we are very hopeful he will be able to finally get help!

I am beginning to more easily tell my story via these little drawings, and hope to publish a "children's book for adults" this year or next! I hope you come follow me along on my new blog site!
Things are looking up... so I am back to blogging, but I AM MOVING this BLOG- Please find my NEW BLOG in our website:

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wishing you oodles of Love&Light


Steven said...

Oh no, you have had SUCH a rough time! I really hope things are easing up somewhat for you. It's like they always say, these things always seem to come at once. I think you're right your body makes you ill or have an accident so you have to take a break when you're overstretched. Rest up. Look after yourself.

Steven @ Cambridge Local Marketing

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Thank you so much Steven! I appreciate your words of comfort. I am feeling better, limping less and little by little able to stay on my feet longer without too much pain.
Love & Light to you and yours!