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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Artists, will travel for ART.

Well it is: our BIG announcement!
For weeks, no months... we mulled over the idea.
We made reservations. Cancelled them. Made them again. Cancelled again.

Drove the people over at American Airlines batty with our wishy washiness.... then FINALLY when we decided to go for it... and we only had 45 minutes to make our purchase online (reservations made with "miles" from our credit card)-- THE LIGHTS WENT OUT. Yes, everywhere.... so we scrambled for candles and reached for our rotary phone... (because as usual, our cells were sans batteries).  And as we struggled with the awkward cord, candles to see what we were doing etc.... I BURNED the telephone cord.... so out to the car we went ~(in our PJs)~ to plug in the cell phone and call.. shivering from the cold hanging on my words ... the nice lady at American extended our reservation by a week.
Chile has the BEST seafood!

SO... what did we do?.... we WAITED, again.  Because we were so unsure... after all, we had an invitation to travel with our art to Bulgaria.... we have summer shows to do.... and we would be leaving exactly when I need to be tending to our garden.  Our son would already be in Chile (he has never been there over 10 days, neither have I since leaving Chile when I was 13).

We decided to follow our *BLISS*
And one Wednesday night exactly 3 weeks ago: we bought our tickets to fly to Chile for one month in June.

An artist residency for us!

And guess what?  The VERY next day... I got laid off from my part time teaching gig which has supported our little family for the last ten years (since I graduated from college).
BUT... we know this is something we just have to do for our ART... so the trip is ON!

Why are we traveling outside of our fantastic studio?

This is a large oil on canvas (6 x 7 feet)
 I painted it a few years after arriving in the USA
 and it depicts diaspora/longing for our roots.
Well, honestly, first of all: because I miss my family!
I miss the places where I grew up and I want to share them all with Sergio and Julian (our son).

But also for our ARTistic journey. Finding inspiration as we do in objects, places and life experiences, we crave time away from our studio and to be surrounded by the sounds, smells and sights that formed us in our early youth spent in Chile and Mexico.

After thinking long and hard about residencies overseas, we have turned down an offer to travel to Bulgaria to paint, and will instead spend sometime re-discovering our roots 'south of the border'. Since Sergio has only been "out of Mexico" for 7 years, the longing for my Chile pulls stronger....

We are beyond excited!We plan to allow the extraordinary experience of living in Santiago, Chile for a month to inspire a palette and sensibility infused with the essence of the energy and atmosphere of a new/old place and it's people.

We are both inspired by artists like Rauschenberg who created pieces whilst traveling and utilized found objects from places he visited~ we can't wait to see what WE will create during and after our trip and we look forward to sharing it with you! We plan to make videos and blog about our experiences there.

The residency cost includes accommodations with studio space, groceries and every day necessities like water and heat. We have purchased our tickets thanks to YOU and our recent art sales (we had some accrued miles but still had to put out some $$)~ we plan to get around via public transportation, but we still need to raise funds for living expenses and some art materials and to transport all the work we will do there!
We will be doing some fundraising via and hope you will help us! Donations will begin as low as $15.- and for each donation... you get ART!

We plan a studio Open House upon our return in August of this year to exhibit all our "Chile Inspired work" ... and of course to share it all with you via blogging, facebook and Youtube!

We hope you will be part of this ARTventure!