Sunday, October 5, 2008

wax and theater

We have located Sergio's family in Villahermosa, and they are well! Thank you to all who have written to ask about them! We will keep you posted as the situation is not yet assured.
On a different note: today, we spent 6 wonderful hours with four visiting artists from Fredericksburg. They were in our studio to learn encaustics from Sergio. What a great time sharing our studio space with such talented and creative people!

This evening, we were visited in the studio by Mario Marcel (Teatro de La Luna) who shared a bottle of wine with us as we discussed theater and the economy (!). He has asked our help to paint another backdrop for a play- this time it will be utilized by a troupe visiting from Argentina for the annual Festival Internacional de Teatro Hispano. Earlier this year we painted large canvases 'ala' Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera for the play Frida-- the most attended production at the Teatro to date!

Claudia deciding to burn into an otherwise bad canvas-- in the hope of rescuing it with fire!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Teatro de La Luna, painting scenery for theater

A few years ago I painted the scenery for Teatro de la Luna's Hansel & Gretel, now, Sergio is adding to the sets (a Gigantic "book") by painting in some text.

Though I painted the set before I met him... we are still collaborating on it!

Where was he when I worked fastidiously from dusk 'til dawn to paint the sign for Guajillo (great Mexican restaurant in Arlington)???

Sergio and I also recently painted Diego Rivera and Frida Khalo's paintings for Teatro de La Luna's play Frida and our paint brushes and paint tubes (and our empty tequila bottles...) were used in the set as well.
The media seemed to appreciate our work, as it was mentioned in several papers,including The Washington Post. Not that we will switch careers to set designers.....

Sergio is good at painting text... it is indeed, how he created a whole series of "logos" - small 12x12 encaustic paintings while getting his undergrad.
A spoof on major USA brands like Hershey's, Ford, Barbie...all done in pigmented beeswax! It is that same patience which allowed him to sew my homemade veil when we got married!

To all of you who reside in the DC area.... the International Festival at Teatro de La Luna begins October 7! Great theater to be seen!