Friday, November 22, 2013

Goddess of endings and beginnings: Kali


Endings and beginings

Kali energy.. the dark and the light; she will shake you to reNEW you. She will shake you to self awareness and awakening to your true self and your true relationships with the earth and each other.
I can see in this her face is fierce and her mind is strong..she def. is *owning* her power... my initial drawing had her much softer looking.. Kali is both..the representation of the compassion and kindness of the drawing and the "the Beginning and the End and the purpose for everything in between"...she destroys (ignorance, apathy, ego) only to REcreate ... very much what I have experienced working with her through this painting.

Kali's message: I am the ‘black one’, Shiva’s consort. I am also known as the Goddess of Time and Change. There is much said of me as being the Shining One and the Goddess of Darkness. I encourage change and for one to accept themselves truthfully as they are, not what they pretend to be.

The pain and sorrow that you have witnessed, experienced and gone through must not be denied it is intertwined with your very existence, it holds freedom to greater knowledge. Honesty within yourself is a must.

When entering the unknown it is not unusual to enter darkness. Do not fear this darkness. You cannot embrace the light you seek without facing some darkness. As you move along your destined path, you move forward as you pass through different doors, either from removing past events that have been draining your energy for so long, facing the truth about yourself and those around you, letting go of old ways in order to adopt new, more efficient ones, etc.
As you successfully move through each part, you are seeing and finding more light. Its this light that entices you to continue.

The path you are on requires you to work together, learn and share as much as you can and to love with your whole being.

  Kali Original Painting

Prints available in three different sizes

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Butterfly Maiden

Butterfly Maiden

Finished my latest Goddess... The Native American Butterfly Maiden.

Her themes are:
rebirth, beauty, fertility, balance, freedom, and nature. Her symbols are butterflies, seedlings, rainwater, and spring flowers. 

Butterfly Maiden flutters into our lives today to reconnect us with nature and ourselves, to help us rediscover that graceful butterfly within each of us – the one that effortlessly rises above all troubles/problems and disappointments....making the world its flower....

It is quite interesting that she is my last Goddess for this year (I will begin again in January).... 2013 has been a difficult year for me in so many ways- and quite unexpectedly as 13 is my favorite number and I had high expectations for this year... nevertheless.. I am sure that *much* has stirred at a spiritual level within me...

Butterfly Maiden reminds me that this is the year where I have had to face my own darkness without fear. 

I have had very difficult years in the past... 6 straight awful years with "the ex" suing me at every turn, false accusations-though he never won in court- he always continued to sue me-- his way of punishing me for having left him.Unfortunately, he punished my son in the process using him as a pawn.. this was excruciating for me to see.. and so I was in battle-protecting my 'young' as a fierce Lioness for all these years. Now, it is over.He moved away in May... and without even realizing it (until writing this)... this is when I was able to *breathe*.

And so, unconsciously, I entered the cocoon of darkness--Damp, dark and sometimes frightening.

A cocoon to 're-group', face truths, let go of lies and false dreams...everything I overlooked when I had to focus on protecting my son.
A journey back to the essence of being....

Dark and lonely though not alone. 

Yet, I trust the process, knowing that when the time is exactly perfect, I will emerge from the mystery, bringing back a little bit of *mirmagic* from a dark place- transformed and "come through" the necessary molding of my heart and spirit.
I trust fully that when I am finally ready to spread my wings again, I will ascend higher and faster than ever did I imagine my dreams would lift me... higher and higher!

I feel the movement already of these wings.... I already see the light... yet I continue to wait patiently for the process to gently coax me forth...

And so I wish the same for you.... may you cocoon when needed, to reshape and be again and again, be renewed to higher realms...!

I also wanted to share with you a beautiful poem written by my Facebook friend Patricia (thank you for sharing this with my readers Patricia!)

One Dream 

by Patricia DeMarco

A night mist rose from the shallow waters of an inland lake
Following a path formed by the breezes gently blowing towards me.
My breath shared its pulsing rhythms.

The myst enveloped me with a shimmering vagueness.
Inviting me to journey above the earth, we flew upwards into the heavens
Above the town lights glimmering softly through the clouds below.

A feminine essence intersected our path, slowing our upwards journey.
Lying amidst a shimmering mist reflecting crystalline glaciers and flowing rivers,
Her heart beat rhythms of peace and forgiveness.

We eased in alongside, waking her with gentle speech and soft touch.Breathing musical tones of singing birds and showering raindrops,
She opened eyes revealing gentleness of soul and depth of beauty.

The mysts dispersed, slipping beyond form, function and timeLeaving us to continue the journey of exploration and understanding,
That we are one dream seeking a divine union with light.

Prints available in different sizes:

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yemaja, Goddess of opportunity

The Goddess of the Oceans... she brings with her a message of  opportunity.

Yemaja's message: I nurture, heal, touch, bless, comfort and make whole that which is incomplete. 

I am within you and you need only look inside yourself to find my eternal presence.

Pearls are her adornment (and what I myself wear on a daily basis as earrings).
Yemaja is a perfect Goddess to be called upon for blessings of compassion, wisdom, fertility, creation, riches, inspiration, motherhood, female power, natural wealth, women's issues, having children, sustaining life, washing away sorrow, revealing mysteries, acquiring ancient wisdom, protecting the home, learning not to give your power away, and comforting children in crisis.

Wear pearls or crystal beads to ask Yemaja to grant a wish or bestow a blessing, write her a letter and cast it into the sea....

She was painted in watercolors on Arches Cold Press paper.

Original $275.00 Sorry, sold.

Prints available in different sizes:

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

the Spirituality of trees

Last January we decided this year we would have a "theme" for our 2013 works: Goddesses and flowers.... of course, it takes me weeks and even months to create a piece so I have been working on my Goddesses since January, but Sergio's process is quick with encaustics and he works beginning in late September .... he has decided to focus on Cherry Blossoms and Dogwoods.... his love of Japanese ancient culture led him to it when he created a piece for our son (who also loves Japanese ancient culture).... 

Sergio's latest pieces are these fantastic Cherry Blossoms in encaustics:

We both believe that Trees hold a special significance as both practical providers and powerful spiritual presences and have witnessed life on earth over large expanses of time. Spirit breathes aliveness into their mystical individuality.  In many cultures a tree symbolizes the world center, where heaven and earth touch, where all times and places converge. For this reason trees are considered sacred and provide a focal point for meditation, enlightenment, guidance and prayer and if we are open to their energy, will converse with us. 

We have behind our studio, a large Sycamore that stands above all other trees in the area, it is in fact, protected by our local government as a historic "monument" and we are not allowed to cut it down (not that we ever would!). In southern Mexico, the Sycamore is paid homage to as it was revered and used in rituals by the Olmecs.

Trees are super special to us... my last name "Olivos" means Olive trees... one of the things that Sergio and I loved about one another when met is how much we both are into Semiotics..and thus he took my last name when we married.

The Olive tree is considered a Tree of Life
and is symbolic of Harmony, Tranquility and Serenity <3 font="">
The Olive tree has been celebrated and referenced in the cultural works of every society. Thomas Jefferson wrote, "The olive tree is surely the richest gift of Heaven".
The foliage of the Olive tree has been used for centuries to honor victory, wisdom and peace. In Genesis, an olive branch was returned to Noah on the ark by a dove, signaling the end of the great flood.

"The purest essence comes from the oldest trees who have peaked developmentally in their 
being-ness. Older trees communicate to younger trees a vibrancy that supports and encourages their growth. There is an intelligence on the other side from which life springs. The force of gravity helps us to live. Through gravity we receive light from the sky. Gravity is the bridge to the other world where earth connects to the sky. Trees act like magnetic funnels." ~ Goelitz

 Pine trees also have much ritual as their history... and whether we think of it or not- we pay homage to it annually as a Christmas tree.

 The Cherry blossom holds much symbolism in Japan; according to the Buddhist tradition, the breathtaking but brief beauty of the blossoms symbolizes the transient nature of life.  
The flowers last for at most a few weeks, but during that time, both the mountains and the cities are full of the delicate pink flowers, be the trees wild or cultivated. 

 “The traditional Japanese values of purity and simplicity are thought to be reflected in the form and color of the blossoms.” ~Osamu

Honor the ancient wisdom of the trees that surround you in the everyday, notice their beauty and hear their whispers....

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Huichol Shaman blessings and another Kickstarter project soon

This afternoon we were blessed to have been visited by a Shaman from Mexico.

We knew he was here in Washington DC on a two week visit from Nayarit, Mexico and had been invited to hear him speak in Baltimore, but yesterday I received a phone call from a friend telling me he was coming to the area to visit a DC gallery and did we want a "house cleaning and blessing".... of course the answer was *Si!!!*  

He came here to bless our studio and our home!

The Huichol are a Native American ethnic group of western central Mexico; Huichol Art dates back millenia. During spiritual rituals Shaman have visions which are then transcribed into carvings, yarn and beading.

In the past, the beads were made from clay, shells, corals, seeds and more and using them to make jewelry and to decorate bowls and other items. 
The “modern” beadwork usually consists of masks and wood sculptures covered in small, brightly colored commercial beads fastened with wax and resin.

He told us about their creation story and about the fact that for the Huichol people:

 art is a means of encoding and channeling sacred knowledge. It is considered a form of prayer, providing direct communion with the sacred realm.

Every artwork they create carries heavily symbolic, esoteric  symbols.....mmmh... sounds exactly like what Sergio and I are drawn to: spirituality, symbolism and everything Native American....

We have been trying to decide where to go for our next
Kickstarter project.
.. we were thinking either Peru, here in the USA...... or Mexico.... 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mapuche poetry and Claudia's art


Two weeks ago I opened our mailbox to find an empty an empty envelope from Greece.

I was disheartened to find out the poetry book that had been sent to me been stolen as I was excited to see it because they translator of the book had asked permission to use some of the paintings I did for
our project "Mapuche Essence" in the book.

Today, a new one arrived and I am SO grateful to Jaime Svart -(the Chilean translator who found me in this wonderful world of the internet!)- Gracias Jaime!

The book is a gorgeous compilation of Mapuche poetry by the Chilean Mapuche poet Elicura Chihualaf Nahuelpan.

 I am honored to have my painting on the cover (and a few inside too!)

Sergio and I have been invited to make a presentation about our Mapuche Essence project at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC this October and this will be a wonderful addition to our "repertoire" that we will share... so I will have to work on some translations as the book is in Spanish, Greek and Mapudungun (the Mapuche language).

 Following is one of the poems from the book as per my translation. So much gets lost in translation, I hope I am doing it justice.

The poetry found in this book is largely speaking of the diaspora of those who leave home-often not by their own choosing.

I can relate, as my mom and stepdad moved us here when I was a teen... and I still feel waves of unbearable nostalgia for my native Chile.

In the Blue sky, Blue.
I write on the water, on it's blue reflection
I write on the sky
which nurtures the Tree of my thoughts
Matriarchal it is there, the air of Liberty
               Paternal the light of tenderness

Saturday, July 6, 2013

My mini tooth, the Ocean and Natural Healing

Although we were never able to run 
sand through our toes, 
the view was sufficient, 
it was majestic and perfect.
 We traveled to Sanoviv because I had a mouthful of amalgams (8 of them) and a very precarious crown on a front tooth which a dentist broke about 9 years ago, and  I went there with plans to also have a doctor look at my back, which is constantly giving me pain due to two accidents 7  and 8 years ago, and where I was told I had a fracture on my "C5 and C6 vertebrae". I also wanted to meet with a nutritionist on site to make sure my current diet was helping strengthen my adrenals from adrenal exhaustion which was diagnosed a few years ago..

The cost of having the work done there was considerably cheaper than having it done here in the Washington DC area, and it included safety protocol for amalgam removal, plus we stayed in a beautiful Holistic care facility where we were fed delicioso healing foods and had access to the sauna and salt water pools.

However, by far-the most important thing that happened last week was to see a caring, compassionate place where people are treated with love and care and are being 
healed from cancer!  wow

              note:  Scroll to the end for Sanoviv contact info.

 I have a phobia of dentists after a “tooth mishap” I had a few years ago. A dentist pulled too hard on one tooth and with the end of his instrument broke my small front bottom tooth. For a few moments I thought I had passed out. I was deep at the bottom of a deep, dark hole. The pain was beyond pain. And then, when I looked at myself in the mirror I was horrified to see that my tooth was gone! I have a tiny piece left.. My mini "tooth"... is really so tiny that it looks like the head of a toothpick. Going to dentist, even if at the side of the Pacific (my favorite!), well, I was still pretty terrified to be there. 

I went to Sanoviv to have my amalgams removed. There were lots of them. My teeth were not forming properly and when I was only 10 years old, all my molars were filled with amalgams as a cavity preventative. So many of them, I was anxious and could not wait for it all to be over and done with so that I could be back home ... but surprisingly enough, when the day came for us to leave, I felt like I could use at least another three days there. 
My favorite nurse: Adriana, holding
my IV on the way to one of many dentists visits while at Sanoviv.
The staff was superb, the food was delicious… and well, with all the tests and pain from the dental work- I missed out on taking advantage of some of the wonderful therapeutic pools they have. I was the only one there that week without a serious condition, there were less than 20 of us... but the majority were recovering/healing from cancer. It was amazing!


The first part of our trip was spent in San Diego.

Sergio and I agreed that since we were saving so much money by having this done in Mexico rather than here- in Washington DC and we had to fly into San Diego...his June birthday gift would be for us to spend two nights in San Diego. Neither one of us had ever been to California, so we excitedly booked a hotel room in "Little Italy"... which from what I could see online, was pretty central to everything. 

We arrived to be instantly struck by the gorgeous art work and welcoming attitude of everyone at the airport. We are always amazed at the different cultures found within this large country we are blessed to be residing in.

Dick Blick is the building right behind the red tile roof house
 The hotel sent a van for us (for $20- we later found out- we could have taken the bus for only $3.- ..guess THAT happens everywhere! :P )
Once we arrived we checked in and quickly headed out the door to enjoy the day. First off I thought, a quick photo for our awesome Facebook following- and what do I see when I pointed the camera to assess the view?? RIGHT across from the hotel Blicks Art Supply Store! (my favorite!). With new brushes in my bag, we headed to the water for a long walk, and thus began our “medical vacation adventure.”

Sergio at San Diego's waterfront
We enjoyed every minute of our stay in San Diego.  We loved our visit to Balboa is absolutely magnificent... I have always been fascinated by the World Fairs, and here I felt like I was in Babar's Kingdom! 
We had a fabulous dinner in Old San Diego... the shops with all the kind of things we love to browse, and the music... the food, the moon !)--it was lovely and romantic. And Sergio wasted no time packing it in - lol! ~as he knew we would be spending 7 days eating  healthy organic food !  
Sergio enjoying it all!
We found San Diego to be a very welcoming and friendly place and were constantly astounded at the healthy organic foods *everywhere* and toxin free attitude of everyone, everywhere. When we stopped for a light lunch, it suddenly dawned that at 3pm in the afternoon, with the place quite full.... only one person was glued to their cell phone! Only one! wow

no cell phone, but I did pull out my art supplies! :)

On Sunday morning we were picked up at our hotel by a hospital van.

Sanoviv picks up their arrivals in San Diego. The friendly chauffeur handed each one of us a bottle of water as we prepared for the short drive down to the hospital in Rosarito which is just South of Tijuana.

Driving through the border Mexico/USA
Going through the Mexican border was a piece of cake, we learned that most Mexicans nearby go shopping in San Diego for clothes and electrical appliances etc., so border crossings are basically part of the daily commute
for most people.

In the van we joined two patients and one "companion" who is what Sergio's role was. At Sanoviv they work it out in this way-each patient can invite a companion to join them. This is a real treat for the companion too, who for $100.- a night gets the hotel stay, tasty organic meals, green juices, wheat grass, use of the spa and therapy pools, plus the regular pool, exercise classes and equipment and all lectures too- a great deal!

exercise by the Ocean. Perfect.

I know Sergio enjoyed it all, he seems much more relaxed even though we came back to a stressful car fiasco and jumped back to work only a day after arriving home (jet lagged and without any sleep because of a cancelled flight!), and he says he is committed to eating healthier. We have also began drinking "Golden Milk" (an Ayudervic Turmeric drink) every evening, and we have cut back on our 'wine with dinner' habit...from 4 times a week to 2 nights a week. A juicer for green juice is on our wish list now too, I used to make these daily, but stopped when our juicer broke.


one of the many tasty meals prepared by Frankie and his team
We were given a quick tour of the facility and then left at our room to shower and change before joining the rest of the guests/patients in the dining room where we enjoyed the first of many fantastic and beautiful meals created by the kitchen staff led by one of my favorite Sanoviv people: Frankie... he was so kind and super compassionate! One time he overheard me say that the amount of nuts in the shakes were too heavy for my tummy and without my asking, he made sure to set apart a portion of the day's carrot soup to be served for me without the nut cream.  He was also always willing to puree everything for me as I could not chew because of the extensive work on my teeth.
It was the best tasting baby food I have ever had!
It may seem odd to some, but at Sanoviv we are all made to wear the same matching outfits. Comfy cotton sweats that are washed as needed by the cleaning staff. They also have washers and dryers on every floor to clean your pj's and undies too.

this is one of my pieces from my
Soulkeeper series, it is about
blessings and healing
and love and compassion
about the energy that is you
me...and ALL that IS.
Sanoviv was founded by my new super hero: Dr. Wentz ... you can read all about him online,  and we can tell you that although we have found naysayers and rumors... what I experienced and witnessed first hand is mirmagical....and I can boast that I count myself honored to have been there during one of the rare appearances he makes. What a true honor it was to be able to shake his hand.
He built this place because it has been his dream to help people heal naturally. In 14 years, he has only turned a profit once, only one year. All his staff are Mexican (with the exception of 4 people), they are all very happy and consider themselves family. The love, care and respect the staff/doctors/nurses and therapists show for one another is equal to that which they show for their patients... superb: and great testimony to how happy and fulfilled they are in their jobs.

 There are just so many things going on at Sanoviv  that are spectacular
(yes, even the dressing alike part!)
.....the only thing missing? ART!
We planted a seed with one of the coordinators, and we hope that we will be able to
return to offer an art workshop by the sea there someday! Sounds perfect for this healing and nutrition aficionado, Reiki practicing
Yeah, we think so too :)   

view of the ocean from our bed
Every morning a bell is rung at 6:30am and we are to wake up to the fantastic Ocean view. Sleep was scant for me, so every morning I struggled. There are no curtains-and dawn arrives early and I seemed to wake up every hour or so.
After pm, there was not much to do, yet Sergio and I struggled with the early bedtime (thus we struggled with the early wake up time!).
Most people were bored and complained that there was no cable and limited channels on the TV, but since we have no TV at home- we actually were reeled in by the history channel every night, in the morning, we would watch the fishing boats come close; next time we will take binoculars!)
Every morning I was to go to the nurse's station where my vitals were taken, and where I received my supplements and medicine for the day.

Then, to the lab for blood and urine samples. One day I was given this large orange bucket that I had to carry around with me all day to pee into. It will be tested for heavy metals from the amalgams and our art practice.

bucket o' pee
Every day I had work done on my teeth and visited a variety of doctors ranging from a general (alternative) practitioner, nutritionist, chiropractor, massage therapist, colon hydrotherapist and massage therapist.
My dentist-I had oxygen and an IV
and loads of Novocaine too! I lost count of how many hours
I spent with him. Some days I was there for up to four hours,
sometimes visiting him twice in one day.
All in all, I saw him for the 5 of the 6 days
we were there. As I write this, my gums and teeth are still quite sore.



Gracias a todos y en especial:

 A HUGE thanks to my doctors there: Dr. Ulloa, my primary care physician- he listens, is well informed- and truly practices holistic medicine with knowledge and compassion; Dr. Oscar, a talented and compassionate nutritionist whom I will undoubtedly be consulting with again and again for his knowledge and understanding of food as medicine, and last but not least: the amazing Dr. Fernando, a chiropractor that is truly more Shaman than anything ,*wow* is all I kept saying while he worked on my back and hip....



Take care of yourself

Eat well, sleep well, relax. Use organic, local foods whenever you can, try essential oils and other alternative healing therapies -including ART; to help you help yourself. .... be brave, be proactive: inform yourself, question your medical providers, be astute and trust your body. love your body- you are a Divine vessel experience the joy and the peace that comes with good health vitality! 

If you know anyone with cancer or immune type disease....
       give them hope, because there IS hope and healing!
Sanoviv, I can not recommend it enough.
No, it is not covered by insurance…
but there is no better investment than investing in your health!

If you contact Sanoviv, please give them my name (after you are a patient there, you can get "points" for referrals)- if you give my name- we both win as you will receive a free spa treatment of your choice when your reserve under my Sanoviv Rewards code  or give my name
and I can acumulate points to go back in the future for one of their well programs!  :)
Sanoviv : 1-800-726-6848 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Goddess Oonagh

Finally finished my latest Goddess for my oracle card collection and I thought I would begin to share my process with you here on my blog because really, it is a mirmagical (my made up word) experience the way in which each Goddess I work on brings me messages that are quite timely!

First, let me preface this by telling you that this collection is being made with a plan to publish a set of oracle cards in 2014/15 and my current goal is to have 35 of these finished and the originals available for sale at our annual Open Studio the first Saturday of December.  In the meantime they are all available as archival prints in our OlivosARTstudiostore
(or you may reserve the original, please contact me for details)

Each is painted on Arches Cold Pressed watercolor paper and each is painted completely intuitively (including materials chosen).

Oracle cards? Glad you asked.... I see the Goddess Oracle (as I see other oracle decks too) as a wonderful way for the Divine to communicate with us ... I see oracle cards as a fantastic communication device from All that IS (call it God/Goddess/The Divine/Higher Power...).

How do I choose which Goddess to paint? Well, she chooses me... each time I am ready to begin the process, with paper out and pencil in hand, I pull a Goddess card from a store bought Goddess Oracle Deck I have, and she comes forth.

I have always been surprised at "what comes forth"...sometimes, they are "just what I need at that moment"--sometimes, as with Oonagh, they have a specific message to give me that I was not even aware that I needed to hear ...*mirmagical* I tell you!

She has taken me longer than any of the others.... so many layers... and I guess as such, she made her message of "gentle perseverance" quite clear to me--it never seemed to me that I was making any big changes on her--yet every evening I have worked on her for about two to three hours, and still, each morning when I would look at her it seemed there was no visible progress, just one layer over the other and no noticeable change ... yet I knew to keep going just as this morning, I knew she was finished.

But it was not until this afternoon, after getting off the phone with a friend whom I was giving advice to have faith and "keep on keeping on" .......that I was reminded of Oonagh's message:
Put your head down to the wind->"keep on keeping on"- you can do it, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel-and we can reach that light with "ease: with a slow, steady progress using our wit and ability to find CREATIVE ways to solve problems without rushing anything or forcing things to happen, TRUST that everything is occurring in perfect timing.

Oonagh, the ancient Irish Goddess of nature, love, magic and relationships, is also known as the queen of the fairies and her message is one of hope through gentle perseverance and complete faith!

  She is said to be a beautiful Goddess with an aura of opalescent, shimmering and glittering light.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Embrace your inner child

Embrace your inner child...

I remember when I was about 9 years old and being afraid that turning 10 meant I would have to be "older" ~I made myself a promise:
 "never forget what it is like to be a kid."
I remember I was outside just at that moment, I was playing with some flowers in the dirt; I spent a lot of time drawing, but I also loved to dance around in the yard, read, climb trees and collect ladybugs in shoe boxes where I would create intricate rooms with tape and construction paper (this is something I once did with my son years, though he preferred collecting caterpillars -with whom I soon discovered he could not part- this I learned when a few weeks later I found his toy box full of "pupae" ...sadly, it was not a romantic scene where butterflies flew out...instead, we had to collect them and bury them with many tears. pomp and circumstance ...

   Oh all the fun things we can do when we are children!

When I was in Kindergarten, I loved my ballet class and can still see the stern skinny French ballet teacher, wooden floors and tiny feet at the was held in the lower level of our huge Catholic school.

I loved my pink leotard and my soft little pink shoes
and I loved darting around the studio with my tiny friends all of us dressed in soft pale pinks like little plushy nimble bunnies during "free movement time...

but I hated wearing the tiara we had to put on with sharp hair pins and I hated presentations ...I wanted to dance freely and certainly not in front of an audience.

 I love dancing with pure JOY

I am not coordinated and can not dance at all with a partner or to any kind of dance sequence.
Funny thing is, when I do get wild and silly with dance, people ask me if I am a dancer... and I know that this is only because when I do dance, I Dance like nobody is watching .... and this too is how I draw and paint and I encourage YOU to do the same!

I know the doing of it can be challenging at times.
The problem is that most of us feel “funny” and uncomfortable letting our child out to "play" uninhibitedly as we used to 

For me, the ‘funny feeling’ usually comes later when I begin to hear that damned inner critic pepper me with a self doubt stream of: maybes”….

“maybe they thought you were showing off"
“maybe they think you are crazy
"maybe your art will turn out badly"
"maybe you will look like a fool”
 ….especially after a night like Saturday night where in our small group of 9...
           I was the only one dancing!
soooo, yeah.. that inner critic was bugging me Sunday morning; I had to apply a huge dose of logic to the argument (this seems to be the only way for me to deal with my inner critic: tell “her” the facts,  then move on).

I reminded my inner critic that:
1.-Those who know me well, know that I do this with a “bursting with joy” heart, nothing more.
2. My spontaneously crazy happy dance is inspired by the “snoopy dance” which leads me to point #3:Despite my perpetual self doubt and lack of coordination: I really don’t care if my dancing looks foolish or messy and truly I hope to inspire my loved ones to join in on the child-like fun!
  Dare to dance like nobody is watching!
  Dare to create, sing, make art and PLAY with child~like abandon!
  It is a joyfull moment when you let go and just be in the moment!
Children seem to be more connected in tune with “God/All that IS/the Divine” because they are in a place with no worries, doubts, judgment, or ego..they know how to be "in the moment"
Imagine that? Just fun!
What can YOU do to let your inner child come out and play?

Dance in the living room, skip the cracks on the sidewalk on your way to work, take a bubble bath, skip pebbles in the lake, make sand castles, play flashlight tag, eat peanut butter by the spoonful, paint on the palms of your hands, eat waffles for dinner, eat cake for breakfast, have a sleepover with a couple of friends, sing out loud, play with crayons, Create anything you want, draw with your left hand,Laugh out loud and be silly and yes, sometimes even I will belt out in song even though my voice leaves MUCH to be desired (ear plugs being first on the list!)…
 Shush your inner critic & just do it!!!
What are YOU going to do to nurture and
bring joy to your inner child? I would love for you to share with me in the comments below!