Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My poem: Curious Comet.Lost love

Last week, we had the Chilean poet Sergio Badilla in our home. We spent several evenings discussing various issues relating to life, art, and the written word.
It led me to think of my own poetry. I have have written several poems, most of them in Spanish.
My poetry is usually full of visual metaphors(no big surprise there!).
The short poem below, was written about 5 years ago. It speaks of the excitement of new love... and the frailty of it. "Lost" love

I feel my poetry reads better in Spanish. Funny, because I have more sophisticated language in English, but because Spanish is my native tongue- the language of my childhood... it lends itself better for my soulful verbal expression.

Cometa Metete

Le conte un secreto a la sombra que levita sobre el techo
en la penumbra sobresalida de una luna gelatinosa y melancolica
le conte un secreto (fue sobre ti)
.....unas cuantas palabras tiradas hacia el mensajero silencioso
mi unico testigo fue una estrella transparente y un cometa metete
le conte (que te quiero)
y la sombra lo escondio a la orilla del rio
....pero ahora que a pasado mucho tiempo, no lo puedo encontrar

Curious Comet

I whispered a secret to the shadow that hovers over the roof
in the penumbra of a gelatinous and melancholic moon
I told it a secret (it was about you)
…a few words tossed up to the silent messenger
My only witness was a transparent star and a prying and curious comet
I told them (that I love you)
and the shadow hid my secret at the edge of the river
…but now that much time has gone by, I can not find it.

Penumbra=the partially shadowed region which surrounds the full shadow.