Monday, December 17, 2012

Mending the broken hearts of Sandy Hook

"Mending broken hearts"...

As an empath, times like these are not easy for me.
I feel deeply for the families and friends of the victims at Sandy Hook elementary. 
I have been indeed, a puddle of tears... each time I see a small child in the street, in my classroom... my heart breaks and yet is nurtured at the same time.

Innocent lives.
Broken hearts.
I am at a loss of words... my heart hurts.
The pain and sadness is profound.
Yet, healing must take place... in time. Broken hearts to be stitch at a time....

The stories of strength and sacrifice of the teachers, staff and first responders is admirable, they responded with LOVE and courage. Just as now, the families are responding as they grieve for the loss of loved ones. 

Changes need to happen in our country, our world.... changes towards love, tolerance and understanding... an open dialogue that is not politicized but centered on the foundation of our existence...based on what all spiritual paths lead us to: love.. This is the common thread that runs through ALL of us... no matter what religion/creed/race .... when we place love first and foremost, we are inspired to be the most we can be.

Let us also be filled with love and courage.... let us begin by continuing to send out prayers of love and light to all the families and friends of the victims at Sandy Hook.....*may a peace that surpasses understanding envelop them all* ... may love be as a balm unto their hearts. Grief is painful, the mending of broken hearts is not easy nor swift ... but one stitch at a time... one stitch at a time.... Let our love embrace all, let our collective prayers reach them and bring renewed hope, reaching the depth of sadness and despair, lighting the way, with none of us alone....

Friday, September 21, 2012

bald men into horses....

So...I am a month later than I thought I would be in getting this blog to "awaken" after it's hiatus of sleep in lieu of my posts on ""... that blog will begin to go dormant soon... probably by November 1st, after we host our Kickstarter pARTy.  If you have not yet checked out all our "happenings" with that ARTventure, please go to that blog and check out all our photos and new paintings! More will continue to come forth as we develop the theme of our ancestors-born out of our Mapuche research in Chile. The ancestors have slowly began to be more and more universal in content...we are excited and plans for an exhibit in Greece is possible as well as one in New York City..yay! Now all we need is one in Chile to complete the circle!

Meanwhile... in between my ancestor work -which is very much of an "earthy" color scheme... I began to re-work a painting I have had in the studio for over 5 years.
The painting was called "Dos Lunas/Two Moons"... and it had some qualities I liked, and some I hated... the bald guy was quite disarmingly horrid...
The yellow in the image above is not accurate (nor are the other colors)....
 but you can get an idea of the original piece. Below is the first stage of changes...the colors here are accurate and unchaged from the original, but you can see the bald guy is now...well, a horse guy...

The most tedious part of the process was painting the angels faces again... I spent three entire days just on the tiny details of  their faces... but it was so very rewarding and I was reminded  why I consider myself an oil painter above all other media: I love the process of working with this creamy soft medium... the smell of the paint etc. The only thing is the messy factor... I was reminded of that when one evening stretching in my yoga class for "down dog" I squashed a huge chunck of alizarin crimson on my mat! What an oily and creamy mess! But it is SO delightful to go to sleep again with a painting on my mind. It is something that does not occur when I work with acrylics as that is so much more of an immediate process... with oils, I live with them for months as I work on them.... or as in the case of this piece: YEARS!

Here is the finished piece, I am quite, quite happy with it! Not sure of the title yet... any and all ideas welcome!

Much love to you and yours and please stay tuned for regular updates from now on!!

Love, light and laughter....!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My love painting and a love poem by Pablo Neruda

I have a hurt arm and finding it difficult to write.... so I will leave this, one of my favorite pieces with you, as well as this poem by my fellow Chilean, Pablo Neruda:

In You The Earth

at times,
tiny and naked,
it seems
as though you would fit
in one of my hands,
as though I’ll clasp you like this
and carry you to my mouth,
my feet touch your feet and my mouth your lips:
you have grown,
your shoulders rise like two hills,
your breasts wander over my breast,
my arm scarcely manages to encircle the thin
new-moon line of your waist:
in love you loosened yourself like sea water:
I can scarcely measure the sky’s most spacious eyes
and I lean down to your mouth to kiss the earth.
Pablo Neruda

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

from toys in my box to other's people trash and repurposing.....

I finally realized why packing leads me to cleaning.... it reminds me of my toy box.

It doubles the pressure and shaves away at my time....*sigh* ....but I LOVE the end result reminds me of my toy box.

It was a wooden box painted orange and my mother would make me clean it out a few times a year. She would give me a bag to place toys into to give away, and another to throw away. I always 're discovered' toys I had lost or lost interest in.... "repurposing" since I was a child-

I would take these toys out and create something new with them. I remember the first time I watched the Christmas special with the island for discarded toys. I cried; there were so many things I would have done with them I thought...!

Below is what I did with an old school desk I found on the side of the road...trash to treasure (the white pot beside it now has a plant and it looks even better!)

On Sunday, our son left for his solo trip to Chile. I spent a full week packing his suitcase (I shared about it and my "hoarder's like"  photo here on our Mapuche project blog). 

Now, I have to begin to think about packing our suitcases... because although I leave a week before Sergio does, I will leave his suitcase ready to go to also~(ladies, can we say "yea, we know" ;)

In the meantime, while packing,

 I have been doing some Spring Cleaning, which for us also means getting our outdoor areas clean and ready for enjoyment. Our house is tiny, a two bedroom cottage that is 90+  years old... the smallest one in the neighborhood, but the largest yard.

We have fully taken advantage of it with decks and sitting areas outdoors, we love it- but it presents us with lots of challenges to include : tons of mosquitoes, and loads of clean up after the long DC winters.

Of course, we want to leave it all ready before we leave so that not only can we enjoy it when we return, but also because we have family that will be staying at our place while we are in Chile.

The house across the street was just remodeled and the contractor gave us a couple of the old doors to play around with. What I have come up with is one door will be as a frame to large antlers that were gifted to us by a friend who hunts (btw: he hunts to eat the deer, so we are super OK with that...not Ok with hunting/fishing for 'fun').

I had Sergio transfer the knob to the front, and we will attach the skull/antlers in the middle of the door. First it will be powerwashed and then stained with weatherproof (deck) paint.

This is what we did with a smaller deer skull our friend Greg gifted us with:

Another part of a door I want to make into a "window" (seen here to the left of the photo)-but I am not sure what to place inside the glass -I was thinking perhaps something sort of "vintagey" ...not our artwork, but something more like old letters...

I just need to find out how to make them so they are 'Washington DC weatherproof".... if you have any ideas on what materials to use, please let me know; meanwhile, check out these great images here

We also took apart another old school desk (it was broken) ..and we have the cool steel part of the chairs...not sure what to do with these...if you have an idea: please let me know! :)

Enjoy the season...where ever you may be!
Love & Light,

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Claudia & Sergio paint: the essence of the Mapuche. It's cosmology/cosmovision in our ART!

Claudia & Sergio paint: the essence of the Mapuche. It's cosmology/cosmovision in our ART!

oil on canvas: Retorno a la Semilla
We have launched our kickstarter project and hope that YOU will help us make this first chapter come to frutition by donating here!

With the help of Kickstarter and people like you, we'll be able to start working on our project "Retorno a la Semilla" (Return to the seed), in Chile this June!

Retorno a la Semilla will be an exhibit that is based on Claudia's painting about the essence of life: the seed of who we are: our spirituality, our history, legends and beliefs in the continent of America.
We hope to learn about and be influenced by the cosmology and iconography of indigenous cultures throughout the Americas.... we are starting in Claudia's Chile, then Sergio's Mexico...then here in the USA-our home...from there: Ecuador, Peru, Brazil.... and more! 

Your support means we can turn this exhibit into a reality!
           It has been less than 48 hours since clicking “launch” and we already have 7 generous backers!
Thank YOU!
Every little bit helps us and makes YOU a part of our project.
We really are hoping to exceed our goal....keeping in mind that a project will NOT be funded (we will not get a penny) if the goal is not met...we made our goal low.... but we know and have seen many, many projects on kickstarter get funded over 200% of their goal!! That would be FANTASTIC as we could begin right away planning our next step, approach more venues for exhibiting etc.

Please help us by donating, sharing with your friends, tweeple and Facebook
We can not do it without YOU!
Please visit/share THIS LINK and support us!

oil on canvas:
Mapuche woman in the Andes
Be a part of  this ARTventure! There are SO many ways you can help us demonstrate the power of art to unleash imagination, break down barriers, and connect people in this world where we too often find so much division and prejudice-
help us shine the light on the Mapuche people...!

Please help us by
donating, spreading the word to your friends and family, tweet, blog, facebook.... (imagine if hundreds of people donated as little as $5.- or $10.-each!...we would more than meet our goal! a
nd we hope to not only meet our goal but surpass it!)
We have ART "rewards" as a way of saying THANK YOU for all donations.... and of course: our LOVE and APPRECIATION and ((hugs)) everytime we see you!!

Thank you in advance for ALL your support
Claudia & Sergio

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is it difficult to "let go" of our art to collectors?

People often ask me if it is hard to let go of our art. After all, I do call them our "babies" ..but my answer is always no; I love to find loving permanent homes for our art!
A week ago a collector was visiting the studio and asked me that question again, and an analogy quickly came to my lips... as I gave her my answer I was elated at what came forth--does that ever happen to you: you say something brilliantly"right on"...and you think wow! that is my truth and yet I never realized it.....until you speak it out loud"?

I see our art as The Little Prince saw his rose.... special and unique; though it may look like any other rose when in a garden..
she was his own special rose.

We work and value and love each piece we make. 

Making art is our passion, we give it all our tender love, much thought.

Sometimes, we may work on a piece for months...even years, until we are satisfied--these sometimes turn out to be amongst our best pieces.  Other times, we are so disappointed with the result, we simply destroy it by tossing it in the fire and begin anew.

Each time we finish a piece we look at it together, we discuss the process...and think about where we will go next...

Sergio scans it for documentation purposes, and we either place them inside various basket bins we have in the studio (unframed pieces)- or we hang them on our wall.

They stay this way, admired by us and our studio visitors.... until someone gives them a loving home- until it is singled out from the 'garden'.

While our art is on the wall I feel they are all beautiful though one were looking at a rose garden.... however, I think when a piece is purchased and taken to it's permanent home, it is special, just as the Little Prince's rose was special. 

No longer is the piece 'one among many', it becomes a unique piece set apart to be admired and treasured wherever it's final home is.

So no, I am never sad when my pieces leave the studio.... I am thrilled!

 I love to see the photos that people send me of our art in their living space.... it is an honour to know that our art adorns, encourages and beautifies spaces they were meant for.

A small miracle indeed,  that somewhere, there is a connection to all of you!