Saturday, October 23, 2010

...our love & life together...5 years!

Five years ago Sergio and I were married our studio.
I never thought I would get married, much less to a fellow painter.

But, we fell in love...and "all of a sudden" getting married seemed like such a romantic notion! A white dress, handcrafted wedding rings designed by ourselves... and a beautiful candle ceremony was celebrated in our studio.

Everything was arranged only 3 weeks before the event (thanks to the help of my wonderful Aunt Veronica!).
This year we celebrated as we always do: with champagne, fine wine and good our studio.

There a pros and cons to marrying a fellow artist... but, one of the biggest "pros" is that we LOVE spending time together in the studio.

As an anniversary gift, I registered Sergio and I in an all day encaustic workshop. He cried when I gave him the confirmation letter from our local art center.
We had so much fun making art together.

It was a workshop of only 6 participants... myself being the only one who was not an encaustic painter.... it was fantastic to see the twinkle in Sergio's eyes as he moved the beeswax back and forth.

Our other gift: tickets to the Opera... paled in comparison to a day spent together making art!

Here are our encaustic pieces made at the workshop


Sergio gave me a Natural Healing Foods recipe book .... and I was amazed at what I think is what defines a good relationship: thinking one of the other.
HE is not into the same food I am into...and I am not an encaustic painter-- yet he knows I love raw foods, I know he loves encaustics--- what a wonderful way to celebrate our dedication to one another: by supporting and acknowledging our separate interests-as such, we are able to share and enrich one another's lives!

Celebrate the differences you have with those you love: and in that, find adventure, passion and unity!