Monday, December 17, 2012

Mending the broken hearts of Sandy Hook

"Mending broken hearts"...

As an empath, times like these are not easy for me.
I feel deeply for the families and friends of the victims at Sandy Hook elementary. 
I have been indeed, a puddle of tears... each time I see a small child in the street, in my classroom... my heart breaks and yet is nurtured at the same time.

Innocent lives.
Broken hearts.
I am at a loss of words... my heart hurts.
The pain and sadness is profound.
Yet, healing must take place... in time. Broken hearts to be stitch at a time....

The stories of strength and sacrifice of the teachers, staff and first responders is admirable, they responded with LOVE and courage. Just as now, the families are responding as they grieve for the loss of loved ones. 

Changes need to happen in our country, our world.... changes towards love, tolerance and understanding... an open dialogue that is not politicized but centered on the foundation of our existence...based on what all spiritual paths lead us to: love.. This is the common thread that runs through ALL of us... no matter what religion/creed/race .... when we place love first and foremost, we are inspired to be the most we can be.

Let us also be filled with love and courage.... let us begin by continuing to send out prayers of love and light to all the families and friends of the victims at Sandy Hook.....*may a peace that surpasses understanding envelop them all* ... may love be as a balm unto their hearts. Grief is painful, the mending of broken hearts is not easy nor swift ... but one stitch at a time... one stitch at a time.... Let our love embrace all, let our collective prayers reach them and bring renewed hope, reaching the depth of sadness and despair, lighting the way, with none of us alone....