Thursday, June 13, 2013

Goddess Oonagh

Finally finished my latest Goddess for my oracle card collection and I thought I would begin to share my process with you here on my blog because really, it is a mirmagical (my made up word) experience the way in which each Goddess I work on brings me messages that are quite timely!

First, let me preface this by telling you that this collection is being made with a plan to publish a set of oracle cards in 2014/15 and my current goal is to have 35 of these finished and the originals available for sale at our annual Open Studio the first Saturday of December.  In the meantime they are all available as archival prints in our OlivosARTstudiostore
(or you may reserve the original, please contact me for details)

Each is painted on Arches Cold Pressed watercolor paper and each is painted completely intuitively (including materials chosen).

Oracle cards? Glad you asked.... I see the Goddess Oracle (as I see other oracle decks too) as a wonderful way for the Divine to communicate with us ... I see oracle cards as a fantastic communication device from All that IS (call it God/Goddess/The Divine/Higher Power...).

How do I choose which Goddess to paint? Well, she chooses me... each time I am ready to begin the process, with paper out and pencil in hand, I pull a Goddess card from a store bought Goddess Oracle Deck I have, and she comes forth.

I have always been surprised at "what comes forth"...sometimes, they are "just what I need at that moment"--sometimes, as with Oonagh, they have a specific message to give me that I was not even aware that I needed to hear ...*mirmagical* I tell you!

She has taken me longer than any of the others.... so many layers... and I guess as such, she made her message of "gentle perseverance" quite clear to me--it never seemed to me that I was making any big changes on her--yet every evening I have worked on her for about two to three hours, and still, each morning when I would look at her it seemed there was no visible progress, just one layer over the other and no noticeable change ... yet I knew to keep going just as this morning, I knew she was finished.

But it was not until this afternoon, after getting off the phone with a friend whom I was giving advice to have faith and "keep on keeping on" .......that I was reminded of Oonagh's message:
Put your head down to the wind->"keep on keeping on"- you can do it, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel-and we can reach that light with "ease: with a slow, steady progress using our wit and ability to find CREATIVE ways to solve problems without rushing anything or forcing things to happen, TRUST that everything is occurring in perfect timing.

Oonagh, the ancient Irish Goddess of nature, love, magic and relationships, is also known as the queen of the fairies and her message is one of hope through gentle perseverance and complete faith!

  She is said to be a beautiful Goddess with an aura of opalescent, shimmering and glittering light.