Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Claudia & Sergio paint: the essence of the Mapuche. It's cosmology/cosmovision in our ART!

Claudia & Sergio paint: the essence of the Mapuche. It's cosmology/cosmovision in our ART!

oil on canvas: Retorno a la Semilla
We have launched our kickstarter project and hope that YOU will help us make this first chapter come to frutition by donating here!

With the help of Kickstarter and people like you, we'll be able to start working on our project "Retorno a la Semilla" (Return to the seed), in Chile this June!

Retorno a la Semilla will be an exhibit that is based on Claudia's painting about the essence of life: the seed of who we are: our spirituality, our history, legends and beliefs in the continent of America.
We hope to learn about and be influenced by the cosmology and iconography of indigenous cultures throughout the Americas.... we are starting in Claudia's Chile, then Sergio's Mexico...then here in the USA-our home...from there: Ecuador, Peru, Brazil.... and more! 

Your support means we can turn this exhibit into a reality!
           It has been less than 48 hours since clicking “launch” and we already have 7 generous backers!
Thank YOU!
Every little bit helps us and makes YOU a part of our project.
We really are hoping to exceed our goal....keeping in mind that a project will NOT be funded (we will not get a penny) if the goal is not met...we made our goal low.... but we know and have seen many, many projects on kickstarter get funded over 200% of their goal!! That would be FANTASTIC as we could begin right away planning our next step, approach more venues for exhibiting etc.

Please help us by donating, sharing with your friends, tweeple and Facebook
We can not do it without YOU!
Please visit/share THIS LINK and support us!

oil on canvas:
Mapuche woman in the Andes
Be a part of  this ARTventure! There are SO many ways you can help us demonstrate the power of art to unleash imagination, break down barriers, and connect people in this world where we too often find so much division and prejudice-
help us shine the light on the Mapuche people...!

Please help us by
donating, spreading the word to your friends and family, tweet, blog, facebook.... (imagine if hundreds of people donated as little as $5.- or $10.-each!...we would more than meet our goal! a
nd we hope to not only meet our goal but surpass it!)
We have ART "rewards" as a way of saying THANK YOU for all donations.... and of course: our LOVE and APPRECIATION and ((hugs)) everytime we see you!!

Thank you in advance for ALL your support
Claudia & Sergio

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