Sunday, November 17, 2013

Butterfly Maiden

Butterfly Maiden

Finished my latest Goddess... The Native American Butterfly Maiden.

Her themes are:
rebirth, beauty, fertility, balance, freedom, and nature. Her symbols are butterflies, seedlings, rainwater, and spring flowers. 

Butterfly Maiden flutters into our lives today to reconnect us with nature and ourselves, to help us rediscover that graceful butterfly within each of us – the one that effortlessly rises above all troubles/problems and disappointments....making the world its flower....

It is quite interesting that she is my last Goddess for this year (I will begin again in January).... 2013 has been a difficult year for me in so many ways- and quite unexpectedly as 13 is my favorite number and I had high expectations for this year... nevertheless.. I am sure that *much* has stirred at a spiritual level within me...

Butterfly Maiden reminds me that this is the year where I have had to face my own darkness without fear. 

I have had very difficult years in the past... 6 straight awful years with "the ex" suing me at every turn, false accusations-though he never won in court- he always continued to sue me-- his way of punishing me for having left him.Unfortunately, he punished my son in the process using him as a pawn.. this was excruciating for me to see.. and so I was in battle-protecting my 'young' as a fierce Lioness for all these years. Now, it is over.He moved away in May... and without even realizing it (until writing this)... this is when I was able to *breathe*.

And so, unconsciously, I entered the cocoon of darkness--Damp, dark and sometimes frightening.

A cocoon to 're-group', face truths, let go of lies and false dreams...everything I overlooked when I had to focus on protecting my son.
A journey back to the essence of being....

Dark and lonely though not alone. 

Yet, I trust the process, knowing that when the time is exactly perfect, I will emerge from the mystery, bringing back a little bit of *mirmagic* from a dark place- transformed and "come through" the necessary molding of my heart and spirit.
I trust fully that when I am finally ready to spread my wings again, I will ascend higher and faster than ever did I imagine my dreams would lift me... higher and higher!

I feel the movement already of these wings.... I already see the light... yet I continue to wait patiently for the process to gently coax me forth...

And so I wish the same for you.... may you cocoon when needed, to reshape and be again and again, be renewed to higher realms...!

I also wanted to share with you a beautiful poem written by my Facebook friend Patricia (thank you for sharing this with my readers Patricia!)

One Dream 

by Patricia DeMarco

A night mist rose from the shallow waters of an inland lake
Following a path formed by the breezes gently blowing towards me.
My breath shared its pulsing rhythms.

The myst enveloped me with a shimmering vagueness.
Inviting me to journey above the earth, we flew upwards into the heavens
Above the town lights glimmering softly through the clouds below.

A feminine essence intersected our path, slowing our upwards journey.
Lying amidst a shimmering mist reflecting crystalline glaciers and flowing rivers,
Her heart beat rhythms of peace and forgiveness.

We eased in alongside, waking her with gentle speech and soft touch.Breathing musical tones of singing birds and showering raindrops,
She opened eyes revealing gentleness of soul and depth of beauty.

The mysts dispersed, slipping beyond form, function and timeLeaving us to continue the journey of exploration and understanding,
That we are one dream seeking a divine union with light.

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Jess said...

I really enjoyed seeing this painting of yours emerge from its own chrysalis over the last few days! I know you will fly to higher realms, it perhaps has started already? :)I too have had a year where I had to "face truths, let go of lies and false dreams..." what a year it's been! Your painting is so gentle yet powerful, thankyou so much for sharing the beauty in your heart Claudia! You're so inspiring.
Jess xx

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Thank you so much Jess!!
I really appreciate your comment :)

Much love & light,