Friday, November 22, 2013

Goddess of endings and beginnings: Kali


Endings and beginings

Kali energy.. the dark and the light; she will shake you to reNEW you. She will shake you to self awareness and awakening to your true self and your true relationships with the earth and each other.
I can see in this her face is fierce and her mind is strong..she def. is *owning* her power... my initial drawing had her much softer looking.. Kali is both..the representation of the compassion and kindness of the drawing and the "the Beginning and the End and the purpose for everything in between"...she destroys (ignorance, apathy, ego) only to REcreate ... very much what I have experienced working with her through this painting.

Kali's message: I am the ‘black one’, Shiva’s consort. I am also known as the Goddess of Time and Change. There is much said of me as being the Shining One and the Goddess of Darkness. I encourage change and for one to accept themselves truthfully as they are, not what they pretend to be.

The pain and sorrow that you have witnessed, experienced and gone through must not be denied it is intertwined with your very existence, it holds freedom to greater knowledge. Honesty within yourself is a must.

When entering the unknown it is not unusual to enter darkness. Do not fear this darkness. You cannot embrace the light you seek without facing some darkness. As you move along your destined path, you move forward as you pass through different doors, either from removing past events that have been draining your energy for so long, facing the truth about yourself and those around you, letting go of old ways in order to adopt new, more efficient ones, etc.
As you successfully move through each part, you are seeing and finding more light. Its this light that entices you to continue.

The path you are on requires you to work together, learn and share as much as you can and to love with your whole being.

  Kali Original Painting

Prints available in three different sizes

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