Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rhiannon, "The Great Queen"


The "Great Queen." 
As a shape shifter, she can assume any form she desires often appearing as a white horse.
Rhiannon is a muse Goddess accompanied by three sweetly singing birds who can revive the dead or put the living to sleep. It was believed that the source of the Welsh King's power derived from Rhiannon, and a candidate for kinghood met Rhiannon dressed as a stag, a regal figure symbolic of rejuvenation, beauty, strength, and instinctual masculine energy.
Rhiannon is goddess of the night, representing the connection between death and rebirth. She demands that we honor our instinctive and animal selves as a source of creativity, abundance, and order.

When I pulled her out of my deck I was *thrilled* because she is mirmagical, and her message could not be more appropriate to my life right now: She is here to remind us that even though we have been unfairly judged, we are part of All that IS (God/Higher Power/Spirit)... our spirit is always in divine and perfect balance and our power is always aligned with truth and integrity.

Rhiannon helps us to remain steadfast within our own Truth despite the opinions and judgments of others. This Divine Lady of Light encourages us to reclaim our personal power, encourages us to reclaim our divine birthright to live within the freedom of our Personal Truth!

She comes with absolute understanding of the trials we meet here, trials we endure to learn, grow and ascend; and she combines compassion with encouragement to help us to transcend the roles of victim, encouraging us to REMEMBER our Sovereign Self, to reclaim our divine birthright to shine the illuminated Light of our True Magnificence!

Rhiannon Original Painting

Prints available in three different sizes

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