Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Interview about Living my Bliss on BlissChick website

BlissChick is a blog that speaks to my heart. I was asked to write a post for the blog by answering a few questions I was emailed.

 As I wrote the answers.... things spilled out which are quite candid about my life, yet definitely give reason to why my own blog so often takes the direction it takes.

Take a minute to read the post
"SharedBliss: The Awakening of Artist Claudia Olivos"

Here is an excerpt:

One day as I questioned God about my life—it all seemed so unfair, my marriage was putrid in the inside yet on the outside looked so ’perfect’ – I felt like such a victim until God opened my eyes. It was a revelation… I was living to please everyone else when truly I should only care about pleasing God; and if God is all-knowing then who was I trying to kid? God revealed to me She already new my heart. I was going through the motions to please my husband, friends and family. God showed me that if I was trying to please Him/Her - she already knew my truth- and I owed it to myself and my creator to live it.

and another excerpt:

I could not continue to live under the guise of Bliss- when I was so far from it. I gave it all up—all the money, the dinners at Embassy row experience Bliss with my son in a little tiny house (where we still live). I took on a roommate to help ends meet, and worked two jobs to help pay for my graduate degree (MFA). I believe strongly in creating our own Bliss by the choices we make the things we choose to live with, and those we choose to give up.

and the last (please go and read the entire BlissChick bolg post)
Do not do anything you are half hearted about. There are so many choices in life- pick exactly what your heart desires. Your heart will lead you to you. And remember: there is only one “you”..the least you can do …the easiest thing to do: is just to be “YOU.”
When I internalized that, truly and deeply realized that -- I found my Bliss!/strong>em>

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Kathy Crabbe said...

what an inspiring post - i loved hearing the part about following your heart and also about your little boy too - thanks :)